Need help install linux on iMac 2020!


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Sep 13, 2020
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Hi guys,

I tried to install any linux distribution on my new Mac 2020 27” but I always got uefi problems.
I tried to install Manjaro, the installation freeze at 92%(installing bootloader), I tried to install ubuntu, they say “couldn't get uefi db list”, and even after I added “nomodeset noefi”, the Ubuntu was not bootable after the installation.
I tried to install fedora but, I got “failed to set new efi target”

any one can please help a poor french newbie like me ?

thanks for all!

My daughter purloined my last Mac before I even got a chance to get it out of the package. So, this is secondhand.

My understanding is that you may want to use rEFInd as the boot manager and then things go smoother from there. I have exactly zero experience with this.

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