Movement of file back from recent locations to home!

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sorry my crystal ball is away for polishing, Explanation please
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Try copy and paste.
I kinda suspect they mean the Dolphin file manager?

Beyond that, I'm not sure what they're asking. In fact, I'm speculating. Let me see if I speak their language.

"Has Anyone Really Been Far Even as Decided to Use Even Go Want to do Look More Like?"
how do I restore from "most recent files" to "home" on my Dolphin?
I think you are talking about the Dolphin File Manager and there the Recent Files menu on the left side. The files you see there are not located in a specific "Recent Files" folder. It is just a list of files, you recently "touched". You can see the actual location of one of this files, by "right-click" - "properties". To move files do this:
  1. Select the files
  2. Mouse right click
  3. "Move to" - "Browse..."
  4. Select your destination folder
  5. Click OK

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