Manjaro, Ubuntu or Zorin?

Which Linux Distro is better for web development purposes?

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Marcus Evans

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Jun 8, 2020
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Which Linux Distro is better for web developers?
Or can someone recommend one?

Thanks in advance.

The distro must meet the following recommended features.
  • Fast and Secure
  • Can handle or manage server side scripting.
  • Can target old devices as well as modern technologies.
  • Can catch up with the latest trends
  • Has a good community support
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Hello @Marcus Evans, Welcome to the forum.

You limit yourself but out of the ones you listed I'd pick ubuntu. Though I prefer KDE so Kubuntu would be my choice. Seriously you can use almost any Linux Distro for web development on some you'll have to install the tools you want.
I find that it's easier to find software in .deb format, when it's not already in a repo, than it is to find other release formats. There's also sometimes an RPM file, but .deb is more common when I search for this stuff. So, that means less compiling and a wider variety of software that's easy to install.

So, pick something in the Debian family, perhaps something based on Debian. In that category would be things like Ubuntu and the many official Ubuntu flavors. You have both Ubuntu and Kubuntu on your list. Kubuntu is Ubuntu, just with different installed applications, desktop environment, window manager, etc... There are a bunch of official Ubuntu flavors.

And, any major distro should be just fine for web development. There will be a learning curve. You won't be all set and done in just a few hours. It'll be a rewarding experience if you stick with it.
Is it good for web development? Is Kubuntu are good in handling server-side scripting?
As @Brickwizard has already said, Any distro can be made to work. It's your choice. You may have to add some tools but most do not come with them preinstalled. If you give us a little more info on what you intend to do then we can give more precise info.
I suggest you may benefit form this page.
and this one
IMO, Kubuntu is quite great, because, if your computer is terrible, Kubuntu is quite lightweight, but, Ubuntu is a beginner treasure trove, but can measure in a large size, i would honestly go with a light Debian based distro rather than an Arch based one like Manjaro, I Personally use AntiX.
I use Antix base it's good and it's fast and uses minimal system resources.
i use core and its hard to use, although it is super light, it has nothing but the terminal, plus, i have to install all the window manager stuff
Can handle or manage server side scripting.

Just a heads up to contributors, is that the OP needs answers from experienced users who are into web development and server side scripting, rather than an opinion of what's a good distro. :)

@Marcus Evans this doesn't really belong in Getting Started. If you take a look around the forums and subforums, you can come back to me and I'll move it.



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