Linux Cybersecurity

Nov 22, 2022
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So being a self-taught Cybersecurity student I've been dwelling on many sites for reliable information, Has my search amounted to anything? Not much. But I often come across Linux when seeking help in Cybersecurity.
When I come to the forums I often see numerous articles on programming and dev things, all of which I am either vaguely familiar with or not at all familiar with.
Something I've been looking to ask is; are the Linux forums the right place to go when seeking Cybersecurity help, training, and information? Or is it more exclusive to programming?
is there another place I should be or has the answer to this question been hidden under my nose? Thank you.

Edit: I should have specified. On my main Laptop(not in use currently) I use the Backbox distro, which I don't hear much about in the forums, therefore my lack of information.

While many of us practice good security, we're generally not security experts.

I'd suggest a specialized forum, if you can find one.

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