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SO, to put everything in perspective for the OP, @noelw's friend, Ventoy is the way to go (that is just in case the solution he found turns out to be unsuitable.)

This thread is a hot mess.

Fortunately, it's solved.

For those who read the thread, I think my understanding is correct. You can happily use balenaEtcher on Windows, but only for burning Linux .iso files to USB. You can't use the application to write Windows .isos.
LOL, folks, I honestly apologize for bossing you folks around...I sometimes just get tired of the amount of times people have assured me something would work and it didn't, but there's really no reason to feel so constrained about making recommendations. It's up to each person to find things out the hard way.

Now, there WAS a program I used a while ago (when windows 10 was fairly new) that worked for burning windows 10 images:, but the site is kinda sketchy as I remember it, I wouldn't recommend trying it. To think of it, I don't know if there are any good forms of software for windows images. There's got to be something, I only have a windows 11 mini PC (without the image for backup) just for trying things out that I use on linux. I rarely use it.
There is no need for any software to boot Windows from USB, just format your thumb drive to NTFS, set partition to active and extract ISO contents to it.
As long as Etcher works with Linux which it does perfectly I'm good.

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