Introducing Mozilla’s Firefox Nightly .deb Package for Debian-based Linux Distributions


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Jul 23, 2020
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What is Firefox Nightly?
Use at your own risk, and each person will have a different horse to travel.

I had used the AppImage for a while. I had to stop using it because it was problematic, but I don't remember precisely why. I had to switch to the "regular" Firefox, determined to avoid ESR because such a thing shouldn't exist.

The v116 of regular Firefox gave me problems though. The "firefox-bin" kept residing in memory after I quit the program, which after I told the system to shut down, a dialog box is displayed indicating it was trying to kill that one process, and staying many minutes for it. I intensely disliked Windows10 for shutting down very slowly as if M$ were trying to keep the computer alive to do more crazy things. Also I have Spiral Linux KDE, Spiral Linux Budgie, ROSA and a few others "leaving the shrimp on the screen" an extra long time after it was supposed to turn off completely. Slackware needing to remount the main disk temporarily just before going off the air. I expect a Linux OS to shut down quickly, period.

The Nightly edition would have a good chance of misbehaving in the manner I described vaguely. There should be a program option to check if an instance is already running, and block it. Because I am susceptible to running a second instance by mistake. Also while selecting an HTML file to view offline, the system might not be very smart about it.

Finally if you want to switch back and forth between Nightly and "regular", and try to get clever with the profiles in "dot-mozilla" directory for the regular user, get ready to be disappointed.
Mmm prefer the app image myself. Enjoy Nightly.
What is Firefox Nightly?

They build the current version of Firefox at night. That is, the code as it exists at the end of the day. This version isn't a released version, but a testing version.

It may be stable. It may not be stable. It may have bugs that impact you.

But, you get to see and experience the latest and greatest - preferably while reporting bugs if/when you find them.

It's usable more often than not.