Installing Linux on a Chromebook


Jun 25, 2020
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I'm not sure if this is the proper place to post this question, but the question is about getting a new computer running with Linux. Background: A week or two ago, I bought a new ChromeBook laptop that was made by HP. The OS details of the laptop are:
Make of laptop: Chromebook
Manufacturer: HP
Google Chrome OS Version 94.0.4606
Battery life 6149mAh

There is no indication of what the CPU might be or how much internal memory is built in and still available. This laptop does have a Linux app that will open a Linux terminal. But while trying to get Linux installed on the laptop, I used an external CD/DVD disk drive with a Linux or Ubuntu .iso file and attempted to boot from that CD. No joy. Next attempt was to use a thumb drive that has either Linux or Ubuntu installed as a boot image (iso file) but still no joy. Knowing the current ownership of Google and the Chrome OS, it almost seems that there is some BIOS level switch that prevents even the display of any boot options. The keyboard of the laptop does not even have the Fn keys at the top of the keyboard. Thus, to me there seems to be almost no way to bypass the hard coded boot order and no way to install any new (and different) operating system. Other than totally writing this laptop off as a very bad purchase, what options might there be toward getting Linux or Ubuntu installed so that I could use the laptop while away from the main desktop computer?
Thank you for any help.

This problem has been solved. Thank you to all that have posted replies.
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I bought a new ChromeBook
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if you use the search facility on the home page using the terms ""chromebook,Linux" it will return several post on the subject
the first image is the install page ..that looks fine... its what is happening after that not.
the first image is the install page ..that looks fine... its what is happening after that not.
That is the main problem: There is NO install page. Chrome OS seems to not allow ANY outside operating system to be seen by the main control system.
there is a linux just for Chromebooks
You're correct. That wasn't the right place to post a question.

Before you go any further, please read the 2nd link in my signature.
there is a linux just for Chromebooks
I could not find GalliumOS, but was able to find a Ubuntu distro for Chrome and get that one installed. The information for that distro warns that it is not a full installation, but it is a functional version that is based on a current LTS version.
the basic tech spec for your HP are
processor Intel celeron 1.1 gh [4 diffrent ones used depending on country and spec]
graphics Intel UHD600
storage [dependent on country and spec] 16-128 gb eMMC [hot wired]
Ram 4 or 8gb [Hot wired] [dependent on specification and country]
Wi-fi Intel

hot wired means they are not normally up-gradable [soldered to the board]

addendum.. I am assuming its the HP 14 series
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This issue can be considered solved. A phone call to HP, the maker of that Chrome Book, informed me that HP does not have ANY support for Linux on any of their lower priced laptops. They do offer a line of computers and laptops that do have Linux (or Ubuntu) installed, but those are probably not any of the lower priced, entry level computers and laptops. For me and this laptop, I plan to reset the laptop to a factory new condition (wiping all data I had tried to install) and offer it to a parent for their child to use or offer it to a friend for use with an amateur radio station. Thank you to all that replied to this question, but consider it now solved.

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