I'm a Linux novice with a severe file-corruption problem

Thanks so much, everyone. After my first frustrating evening, I turned my ailing computer over to a friend-of-a-friend who knows far more about such things than I do. And I mentioned this thread here just in case it helped him any. In any case, my computer is working great now. And it looks like I've got a busy weekend ahead of my trying to get caught up. But I'm glad to know about this forum in case I could use it again. Hopefully not often.

Any chance the friend of a friend would let us know how went about the 'fix' ?
Alright, my tech guru used PXE ("Pixie") to boot up the computer and then use fsck. I'm told that if I'd commanded "sudo su," followed by "fsck," then this might have worked. Or perhaps even the single command "sudo fsck."
That is interesting. I have never come in contact with PXE before.

I just found it in the Linux Repository....in the Software Manager in Linux Mint, which I run on my PC.

We learn something every day !

Thanks for coming back to us with that info...much appreciated.
Pxe boot is basically booting from an iso over the network where a PXE server is the source.
I have never come in contact with PXE before.

You may have unwittingly come in contact with it if you bought/rented a VPS. PXE is sometimes the system behind the scenes in your OS installation selection.

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