How Long Do HDDs,SSDs and Flash Drives Last.


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Oct 22, 2020
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Well it's not as log as I thought...especially SSDs...

As we say...Backup...Backup...Backup and hope the backup Drive doesn't fail.

That is a good find, Bob

Food for thought, there !
I have some drives that are over 9 years old. They are backed up, but they are still going.
USB sticks are usually the problem for me. Some last less than a year.
I saw an article years ago saying SSDs last a very long time...10 to 20 years...the author must have been on something.

Being paranoid isn't such a bad idea these days after all.
Last I knew, my very first SSD was still running. I got that more than a decade ago. It wasn't even technically my first SSD. My first SSD was a hybrid drive - a combination of HDD and SSD. That did not last long, maybe five years or so.
my first ssd....Which was the subject of a thread on here recently) died at the approx age of 8 years.

I am still ticked off. I expected better.
I think it boils down to first SSD that I'm running now is coming up to 5 years old...I do have a spare SSD and an image created every month or so...can't be too careful.
With the likes of samsung singing their own praises, and yet having the worst possible record for customer service spread across all that they manufacture......athe mugs in the equation are the consumers. We buy ssd's and the like at an astronomical rate and get screw all in return.

If the actual manufacture cost vs the retail cost were able to be seen....pc' users the world over would stop buying samsung and the like

does anyone LG sell an ssd ?
If anyone wants some real-world data (which you'll have to process yourself):

You might be able to find a journalist that has already parsed the data. BackBlaze has done this reporting for years now, which is pretty cool of them to do.
I trust Hitachi & Toshiba HDD (inside my daily used 2010 MBP). The USB Hitachi has an external switch and used only for backups. They seem to be running forever.
I lost one SSD and 3 USB drives during the course of time, ~20 years, mostly during the Windows time.

I replaced all my desktops' drive with sub $50 250G Kingston SSD (for OS only) - anything happens it's back to business with no sweat.
Hmm... Interesting.

I can't say for sure why and I'm in promoting any particular brand, but I have good luck. With the exception of the 2 Lenovo's I happened to end up with, I've only ever had one hard drive fail on me. It was in an HP laptop.I dropped it, but it still lasted about 3 more years. I bought a Compaq laptop back in 2010. The hard drive was fine when I turned it on a few weeks ago. If I hadn't tossed the whole thing into the septic tank it might still be okay. Yes, I really did throw it into a big hole in the ground filled with sewage.

The oldest one I have is an 18 year old 750 GB external drive exclusively for back ups. It stays in a safe place. It was still working last year. The 2nd drive in my tower is 17 years old. I just installed Linux on it. Failure might explain something that happened recently. Those are both Seagates. If not for my recent experiences with Lenovo's, I would say they must make quality products. Something changed I guess.

The 2 TB drive in my tower is a Toshiba. 10 years old.

I would say those brands must have high quality control standards. The only other thing I can say it that I keep an a fan with an air filter next to the vents in my tower. I opened them both up last week. The filter was disgusting filthy. There was almost nothing in the tower.

I don't think I'm going get an SSD after seeing this.
Well it's not as log as I thought...especially SSDs...

As we say...Backup...Backup...Backup and hope the backup Drive doesn't fail.

This makes a good argument for cloud drives. There some things I wouldn't be comfortable keeping in a cloud drive. And then there's the cost of subscriptions. What happens to my stuff if I don't pay my bill?
The first three cloud storage outfits I see in a search for "cloud drives', are dropbox, google and microsoft

That would be akin to choosing between the devil and the deep blue sea.
The first three cloud storage outfits I see in a search for "cloud drives', are dropbox, google and microsoft

That would be akin to choosing between the devil and the deep blue sea.

That's why I wouldn't comfortable storing some things in the cloud. My VPN has cloud storage. I would feel a little more comfortable, but still have reservations
The first three cloud storage outfits I see in a search for "cloud drives', are dropbox, google and microsoft

That would be akin to choosing between the devil and the deep blue sea.

It's too late for Google, but I don't want those companies to information about me.
It's too late for Google
I don't believe it is ever too late

In the past 2 days, I have visited google storage ( and took a long hard look at what they have stored re me.
I discovered that all is not what it seems.

As one example....I belong to
I have not really made any real use of that site for quite some time.....the linux area is a shambles, etc etc etc

But, I found that google has a gazillion and one emails dating back to 2017, from BC

I had no idea they were still

The question arose in my head.....why? the name of all that is holy...are they still stored.?

Part of the reason is going to be because of....ME. Too lazy to go look (until the day before yesterday) cut to the chase....of the 15 GB, I had used close to 9GB (do you know how many emails that is !!!!?????)

I have reduced that pile to just....1.1 GB And I am working on that number as well. My bin/trash folder currently has 10 deleted emails in and when I close Thunderbird they will disappear as well (I use Thunderbird to access gmail).....(and I am not sure just how much I trust Thunderbird either....I have come to distrust Mozilla....therefore...,,,,,)

We really do not need to store that much clutter....because that is exactly what it is....clutter.

It took time.....lots of it....hours.

Google depends on all these negatives (time, being lazy etc etc)

That is precisely what keeps their income stream in place.

Given just a little more thought... I will reduce that figure to zero. i will make it so not worth their while to have it there.

I will have a system in place where I will store what i need on a 1tb drive, which is already in place. The factors which will decide WHAT I store there will be rigorously enforced. day to day jusnk from etc will not make it there.....why"...because they are already stored on ....only something NOTABLE will make it through that rule....and will likely be stored on Zim Desktop Wiki (on my pc)

My email address will remian the same, but will be access via Proton. (Proton Mail is a Swiss end-to-end encrypted email service founded in 2013 headquartered in Plan-les-Ouates, Switzerland. It uses client-side encryption to protect email content and user data before they are sent to Proton Mail servers, unlike other common email providers such as Gmail and Wikipedia.

WHy the Swiss. They have a long history of being tight lipped re info...especially other peoples.
Which is why I use a vpn which allows me to use servers based in Switzerland. They share nothing with nobody. Works for me.

In the process of deleting, I asked myself the question a million I need this?...why? etc etc etc....add boredom

The resounding answer was No.

The job is almost complete, and I feel the better for doing it.

Google RELIES on peoples habits not changing. They have the right approach, because people are creatures of HABIT.....(and the habits are usually bad for the individuals but good for google.

I send and receive a LOT of books......mainly .epub's They take a lot of space....approx 400 - 600 kb each (average)

Even if I have to buy another 1 or 2 tb disc (external) to store what I want of those books along with other "stuff", pics music etc etc.....I will find a way to afford it. i send books to people all over the world, who otherwise would not have a clue how to access this material themselves. I have been doing that for more years than I want to it is a lot of reading material.

Moving on....

Onward & Upward.
and what the hell, all that i just typed has to do with how long drives etc etc last?..........I have no idea !!

Slightly off topic !

Sorry @bob466 !
HDDs are good for long term storage if they are not plugged in
I have 2 Samsung 500GB SSDs...1 in my Tower and 1 in the Laptop. Samsung has an SSD check tool...the only problem is that it doesn't work in Linux...why does this not surprise me.

I also have 1 Western Digital 500GB SSD...all have a 5 year warranty. How long will they last is like asking how long is a piece of string...the only thing I can do is run the SMART test in the Gnome Disk Utility now and then.

There's another article...who do you believe.

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