How do you install TinyCore


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May 17, 2023
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I'm having trouble trying to install TinyCore.

I can not click to the next step. I can navigate to the TC Installer and a window will open. I can select options but that is it I can not get past to the next stage.

There is thing at the top of the window that says Path to core.gz: Do I have to type something into that and if so what do I need to type?

I want to install to the internal hard drive.

Thanks for the link. Unfortunately I can't follow it because I don't have the same options that are displayed in the instructions and screenshots so I don't know what to do.
Its getting really frustrating.... I remember the old version was easy to install. Right I'm giving up. Why does it have to be so complicated how is anybody supposed to know what they are doing its stupid. They should have left this OS the way it was. I'm done.
There is thing at the top of the window that says Path to core.gz
In the box where it says that, you click to be able to search the filesystem, & you will find it in /boot, if I remember - just search the file system until you find it - then you will be able to continue....... (it's been a while since installing to disk, for me).

Edit: If you download the pdf of the book, chapter 2 shows you how to install it, & on page 12, it shows the path to core.gz.

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I apologize for getting so frustrated earlier.... after taking a break from it. I came back to it and got it installed to hard drive it was actually very easy once I figured it all out but hard to understand at the same time.

I'm using my Asus 901 Eee PC as my TinyCore machine as its not really powerful to run anything else and has low storage of 7.5GB MMC drive plus a built in 4GB drive. I have no idea which drive I installed TinyCore too but doesn't really matter at this point the main thing is that TinyCore is installed to sda1 which ever drive that maybe. I suppose I could always list the drives in the terminal to find out what drive I've installed TinyCore too.

I have also installed Opera Browser but seems like the browser I picked is outdated so I'll sort that out later. I also have LibreOffice installed. Those two apps will do for now.

I think I will need to find a graphics driver next and install a battery indicator meter so that I can check the progress on my battery. That will be next.

I think the Asus 901 would make a perfect little TinyCore netbook.
Glad you got sorted...

You might like to also check out some of the others, just to see how they perform on really old kit, any that load to ram will run quite fast; it's just that they take a while to actually load to ram....... :D

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