Horrible noise from the mic on ubuntu 18.04


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I have installed linux few day ago and I noticed that I have very loud noice from the mic. it sounds like strong rain and I barely can hear myself throu this noise.
I tried to edit etc/pulse/default.pa from serval guides but it didn't help.
Maybe someone had it too.


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This has gone unanswered. The following mostly mentioned the echo canceling that it does, but it also works for noise reduction.

When you say it didn't help, that doesn't really help us to help you. We don't know how well you followed the guides, if you made a typo or missed a step, nor do we even know what guides you followed.


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If the mic is picking up a lot of static noise, then it sounds like it might even be the microphone itself that is the problem. Either the microphone is damaged, or the cable/connection is broken, or perhaps the insulation in the cable is worn.

Is this an internal microphone? Or an external one?

Internal microphones are usually poor quality, with little or no shielding. With internal mics, if the insulation on the cable terminals breaks off and any metal is exposed, the mic will pick up a lot of electrical interference/noise. Also, microphone diaphragms can be very fragile.

With external microphones, you generally get what you pay for. It’s worth investing a little bit extra, in order to get something that sounds good and won’t break too easily.
And get a decent quality, shielded cable to go with it, to reduce, or prevent electrical interference being picked up.

Poor quality cables can act as an antenna, picking up any electrical interference.

If your mic is damaged, I don’t imagine pulseaudio is going to do anything to fix the problem.
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