Help Install kali wifi driver for Realtek RTL8821CE 802.11ac PCIe Adapter


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Feb 8, 2021
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I installed kali with a usb bootable dual booting with windows 10 but i did not have any wifi capabilities and no wifi options. I will also need help giving you more info on the kali operating system if you can give me the code to do so, so you can tell me what im dealing with. Thankyou.

Im taking cyber security classes and i am required to have a full working kali operating system.
The realTek 88xx won't work in "most" Linux distro's.
There is a way to compile it and install it on some distro's.
If you don't know how to do this, you're probably not ready for cyber security.
The realTek 88xx won't work in "most" Linux distro's.
There is a way to compile it and install it on some distro's.
If you don't know how to do this, you're probably not ready for cyber security.
Before getting into cyber security you should be at least familiar with the OS you are using and know how it works, otherwise you're just another script kiddie... I would expect a class like that to have a prerequisite of being familiar with Linux and not just being able to install it but to get not out of the box supported hardware working yourself as well.
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First Ensure that you disable Secure Boot in the BIOS
Then run
sudo apt-get install rtl8821ce-dkms
To see what adapter you have and hence which driver to install:
sudo lshw -C network

Disabling Secure Boot is no loss: it adds no meaningful security anyway. It's primarily a means for Microsoft to enforce its vendor lock-in on your computer.
Good. You got the reference.

Even Kali themselves say to not use the distro if you're new.

If you're in school, learn the coursework. We don't want inept people entering the industry.

Using Kali doesn't make you a l33t h3x0r, unless you actually know what you're doing. Follow Kali's advice. The folks that made the distro. Learn to use Linux and THEN learn to use Kali.

Coming here and trying to tell us how to respond to the endless questions from hacker-wannabees isn't going to do you any good.

We're absolutely one of the most helpful forums on the planet and our responses to Kali questions are honed from hundreds, even thousands perhaps, questions around the subject. Coming here and telling us to 'stfu' is just weak sauce.

Discouraging them from using Kali as a beginner operating system is us doing the *right* thing.
The point is, dear heart, instructing someone here re kali is basically giving them a blow by blow instruction of how to do some particular thing. There is no learning curve for them.....they (because of their lack of any knowledge whatsoever) need a step 1, step 2, step 3, etc etc etc etc. like baking a cake, absent the knowledge of what each ingredient actually does and is responsible for and if it is left out of the mix what the possible outcome will be.

So, when a teen or a pre 25 or so comes here determined to hack the world off its socks, we emit an almost audible groan. Another one who wishes to be spoon fed.
If you start a new job....will the incumbent workers there spoon feed you until you know as much as the ceo...or will you have to learn the ropes just as they that you will have an understanding of the ingredients that go into making that particular cake/distro?

As for the stfu and similar insults to members here? know the way to the exit.

Ps I take it you are aware you are commenting on a thread from Feb 2021

How do we know a particulat person will need such blow by blow? their input.
You will note that this particular member made no effort to tall us just what steps he/she had taken already, before asking for help.

In other words, no effort had been made. The fact that the OP has not been seen nor heard of since the day after the thread appeared confirms this.
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I'll clean up this thread a little later.

To the foul-mouthed individual @jbhntr861, who will shortly find he is no longer a Member - he is aged 36 and has said amongst other things

Seriously I cant l believe I have to explain this to adults.

Being an adult is a state of mind, not a reflection of age. The 18-year old OP (original Poster) of this Thread behaved in a more mature fashion than you.

This is also a PG-13 site and bad language and rudeness will not be tolerated, even if it is abbreviated to "stfu".

You agreed to our terms and conditions when you signed up today, so I guess we cannot count on your word, can we?

Good luck finding a better, friendlier, and more knowledgeable site - you will need it.

Chris Turner
WoW.. What did I miss overnight ???? Looking at the tone of the replies, I can make a fair estimation!
sounds like one of those i described in the deleted post thread..I quote

We will always come across the modern [I Want , I want it now, I won't wait] man, they are the ones who start with an aggressive first question, and no matter how many times you or another member ask for specific details will not give them, and then get more aggressive in their writings, we have only 2 options with this type, first is to step back with sorry I cannot help you any further, or stand 450mm [18 inches] from the nearest solid wall, place hands on the wall at shoulder hight, lean forward , and bang the wall as hard as you can with your head.. [I don't recoment method 2]
I just nuked 'em. There's no way I'm dealing with that crap today.

Let's let their memory die peacefully, thanks.