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Oct 11, 2023
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Hi, I'm new here but not to Linux, been tinkering since the early days. I currently run a couple of Ubuntu servers, Debian on a desktop, and I'm messing with various flavors of Linux on my phone. Running Alpine at the moment but not sure if I'll keep it. Stumbled across this site by accident and I like traditional forums so figured I'd stick around :) look forward to sharing tips with people.

welcome aboard, I run a computer shop that specializes in linux mostly Fedora. But also work on windoze and mac. Been playing with linux since Gnoppix. which I used to fix windows issues. Then decided linux was better all around.
Welcome to the forums
from a very old long time user of Linux
Welcome aboard. :)
@hellodarkness :-

Welcome, welcome. Contribute, lurk, chat, ask questions.....the choice is yours. Enjoy!

Mike. :D
G'day and welcome.

Simon and Garfunkel fan?
G'day my old friend. Welcome to Linux.org

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