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Mar 31, 2022
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Just joined today. I started in computers in 1962 and never quit. The first 20 were in the Navy, followed by RCA and several more companies until 1004 when I retired for good. The Internet (formerly ARPANet) hadn't even begun when I first punched a few IBM programming cards. I am still amazed at what progress has been made in the industry since then. I still keep my hand in, programming little applications for friends and cleaning junk off their computers.


Welcome. You started using computers about a decade before I first used one (HP 9100A, maybe 9100B). I was younger than you were, as I went to a ritzy private school that could afford a dozen or so. I used my first dumb terminal to access Dartmouth's mainframe a couple years later.

I was not a fan, really.

What distro(s) do you use?
Hi Bill,
Welcome to the Forum. Great to have you here. Look forward to see you around.
Thanks. At the time, I had enlisted in the Navy, and had become a Cryptographic Technician. Computers used right at first were an old Bunko-Ramo BR-133 and for a mainframe was a Burroughs D-825. We programmed it with punched cards until we finally got the tape drives working properly. For fun, we had a SuperNova in the office we messed with. Input was switches and output was lights. I retired in 1980. Over the years, I build several Heathkit computers as well as every bit of my ham gear--which I still use, mostly CW. I am conversant with around 10 or 12 programming languages, some are still around while others have died off.

I've tried quite a few Linux distros and found Ubuntu about six years ago. I now have several distros running in VirtualBox, including ubuntu 21.10. I'm about to put Mint and OpenSUSE on the box soon to see how they behave. I have purpose-driven computers (3 laptops and 3 desktops) ranging from really old (used to run Windows Vista) to one only a year old (my gaming machine, running Windows 11). My bigger (in terms of storage capacity) is in the basement and sees service as my server for everything else in the house over the LAN.

All the advances in computers still get my attention. Sixty years in the biz is a long time.

Actually, now that you mention it, I have an old Winbook stashed in the closet I bought a long time ago. The screen is cracked, but it still fires up. Runs Windows 95.

Navy huh......I could make a lot of jokes about now. Army vet, and Ohioan also.

I have an old 32 bit Thinkpad. I even have a replacement screen. Still never did that in too many years. :eek:

That was actually the first laptop I installed Linux on. Second only to a used Goodwill 286 machine. Red Hat for dummies...

Got to start somewhere. Then it was Linux Magazine with CD's then DVD's then cable modems and downloading. Now I run VM's and play with new distros. But have pretty much settled onto Peppermint, Mint and MX. With a Kali USB. I also have Hiren's Boot CD for Win problems.

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