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May 8, 2021
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How did I get them?
How do I get more?
How do I spend them?
What are they good for?
How much are they worth?
Can I donate them?
Can I sell them?
Can I buy them?
Can I invest them?
Is this Crypto currency for Linux geeks?
If so, mine are for sale. I lost my job last week but I still gotta' feed the kitties!

I think Rob (our admin) had high hopes for credits. As a project, it's incomplete.

So, credits are worthless.

I can manipulate credits, giving them out if I want. I don't think you can do much with them, but I'm not sure.

If you click on your credits, you can probably find out where you are on the list. You could probably use that as bragging rights if you're near the top and into that sort of thing. I don't really pay attention to them.
So I can't cash them out? Dang!
I could do without the credits too...I see no use for them. The same for Reaction score...what does this mean ?

I only look at...Joined and Messages.
I see no use for them.

They're good for bragging rights, I suppose. Though you can earn 'em just by commenting regularly and consistently. I don't really see any use for them - but there may be a use for them in the future. So, there's that.

I'm pretty sure I have the most - and not even I care all that much about them. I'm a mod. I respond to a whole lot of things. I'm also here during the busiest part of the day. So, it adds up. My level of contribution wouldn't change even if the points were eradicated.

But, again, they might be useful at some point in the future. I guess we'll just have to wait and see. ;)
He has the most because he talks more, lol

You're definitely not wrong! I don't actually care about the credit or anything. My activity would be the same without them.

I did try playing with the credits and I can give credits and take credits. They don't get removed from my account when I add credits and I don't have a regular account to test things. So, I don't know if regular users can exchange them. I'm pretty sure I can take away my own credits.

Seeing as this thread exists and the subject is credits, I'll piggyback on it with some thoughts...

Maybe we could do something with credits? Perhaps exchanging 10,000 credits gets you X-months of Gold Supporter status, or something like that? While subjective, mods could hand out credits for exceptional answers/effort. Someone smart could perhaps run some contests with credits as prizes. That sort of stuff...
... then there's Followers, of which I have162 now, and of whom maybe 150 have never been seen since. Seems I have that effect on people, they run away screaming.

Friday in Oz


then there's Followers, of which I have162 now

I have shy of 100, but a weirdly large (but indeterminate as I've not kept track) number of them turned out to be spammers. I have no idea why someone would follow a mod and then spam the site. That has happened enough times for me to not have kept track of the number.

Do they think that following me means I'll just ignore their spam?!?

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