Creating Free and Open source art,music and video games. Where Do I start


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Feb 15, 2021
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I know this question could have been asked in musicians or video game forum but those people likely don't understand or appreciate FOSS, they might even deter me from doing so on creating free and open source content. Who better than to appreciate FOSS than the Linux community.

I want to be able to create and submit free no copyright digital art, music , sound effects and even video game content (Similar to Touhou, wonderful series by the way. Touhou Wiki). But I have no knowledge whatsoever on how to do so or where to begin. I want to create my artist name and pen things under it, so I have some questions.

For content platforms what is the best one to submit these things to? I want to be able to submit Music, Sound Effects, digital art and maybe a game or 2 under a no copyright no royalties kinda thing. I've heard of soundcloud for music but is that really the best one? I don't mind using various platforms for content but I need suggestions.

If I have to trademark or get some kind of license how long do they last? Are they Free? Do they need renewals? If I forgo licensing my thing is that someone might steal the idea, try to trademark and pass it off on their own. Would I have to make seperate copyrights for the type of content?

I am located in the USA so US laws and restrictions would apply to me. Please explain it so I can get a full grasp of all the mumbo jumbo.

One more thing, If I were to create a artist name would I be able to name it after a character IE Nito from Dark Souls?
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With 'no copyright' you run into problems. It's actually a bit difficult to do things in the public domain and doing so could open you up to infringement suits.

FOSS is actually enforced by copyright. For all the bleating that goes on, the GPL is essentially enforced due to copyright, as are the other (more or less) permissive licenses.

There is a solution! The solution is to look at "Creative Commons." One of those licenses will more or less do what you want. My Linux Tips site is all Creative Commons. You can do anything you want with it, but you must give attribution. There are a bunch of other variables you can decide, but one of those licenses will likely be what you're looking for.


Where do you begin? Well, you can begin by searching for 'royalty free' media sites and then contribute to them - or you create your own site and just share your stuff from a single point of contact.

As for using a nom de plume, you're generally free to use anything. A character's name is generally not copyrighted. You may get a cease and desist letter if the publisher doesn't like it, and then you're faced with taking them on in court (where you'd likely win) but you'd need thousands and thousands of dollars to defend yourself and the publisher probably has more money and better lawyers than you have.

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