Could F-Droid Potentially Give Google Play a Run For It's Money?

So in the name of privacy, you only use a basic phone to make completely unencrypted calls and send unencrypted SMS messages that can not only be read by the network operator, but anyone in the appropriate range with the relevant equipment?

And does your non-smartphone run proprietary software/firmware? How can you audit the code, and how can you trust it?

Because the Verizon store I went to didn't offer the Schok Classic (which is an Android flip phone), what I could've done was get a burner phone and gift card, ordered the Classic, rooted it to remove Google's software, and installed FD and Signal. I'll see about doing that after the holidays.

I looked through the manual and it doesn't mention anything about if the software/firmware is proprietary or not, nor anything about the OS in general.

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