1. Terminal Velocity

    Google's new maneuver against the free internet

    There is this synopsis from the Github: And then there is this article ranting about it: I don't...
  2. I

    Chromecast commands

    Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum so I hope I figured out where to ask this kind of question. I wanted to know if it was possible to somehow capture the commands that a chromecast sends to the TV. If yes, how? I searched around and didn't find much. Thanks in advance
  3. D

    Could F-Droid Potentially Give Google Play a Run For It's Money?

    I recently came across this thread: I originally was going to respond to it, but then I realized I'm better off making my response a separate thread. Being that F-Droid isn't the creation of some big, well-known company with...
  4. MatsuShimizu

    Chrome 94’s new feature to monitor users. Switch to Firefox - ITSFoss The new Google Chrome 94 launches what is known as the ” Idle Detection API “, or inactivity detection API . This API is able to detect developers when a user is inactive in the browser, indicating, for example, the lack of interaction with...
  5. K

    How to stop Chrome usage memory?

    Hello there, My google chrome is using too much memory, if anyone knows why google chrome is using too memory then, please revert me.
  6. G

    How to search multiple terms in Google?

    I have a project related with Google Dork. I need to search multiple things in a single search with the terms like search txt files in given domain only.
  7. N

    Fleeing from Google forever

    I am is search of help in getting away from google in as many ways that I can, mostly due to issues regarding ads and privacy. I just purchaced a Samsung Galaxy plus and now it worse than ever. Full page google ads constantly. New browser? New OS? HELP ME PLEASE. I'm too old for this shit...