Fleeing from Google forever


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Oct 29, 2018
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I am is search of help in getting away from google in as many ways that I can, mostly due to issues regarding ads and privacy.
I just purchaced a Samsung Galaxy plus and now it worse than ever. Full page google ads constantly. New browser? New OS? HELP ME PLEASE. I'm too old for this shit.
Formerly: IMB trained cobol programmer (punchcards!)
Presently: Stupid, forgetful OLD man retired in Mexico
Thank you all and Godspeed.
Ps. What new laptop can I buy to avoid future horrors. I hate Microsoft too. Apple?

De-Googling my phone: https://piware.de/post/2018-05-01-android-degoogle/
The Complete Guide to Dumping Google: http://www.gizmodo.co.uk/2017/05/the-complete-guide-to-dumping-google/
Opt out of global data surveillance programs: https://prism-break.org/en/
No More Google: https://nomoregoogle.com/
Privacy Tools: https://restoreprivacy.com/privacy-tools/
De-Googling My Life – 6 Months On: https://kevq.uk/de-googling-my-life-6-months-on/
De-google-ify Internet: https://degooglisons-internet.org/en/alternatives/
Alternatives to Google Products – the Complete List: https://restoreprivacy.com/google-alternatives/

Laptop? Not crucial. It's the software. Not Microsoft? Apple will not insulate you from Google by itself.
G'day, I'm just flying in and out to say Welcome to linux.org, @Nineteen59 :) ... I think "The Man of 1,000 Links" @arochester has covered that exceptionally well :D

Old? Take a number. We are both your Senior, and we work helping people in their 70s and even 80s here, as well as younguns.

Linux Rocks.

Chris Turner
""What new laptop can I buy to avoid future horrors""

The brand etc of laptop is of no real consequence. The ability to avoid data vacuumers such as google, microsoft etc etc is up to YOU

arochester's link above regarding privacy tools is a good, accurate read.


I avoid google as a search engine in the simplest of ways.

I have made duckduckgo my default search engine. I use Firefox browser, so I have set the default to duckduckgo, there.

I have also added uBlock Origin to the add ons in Firefox......this "knocks out" the Google 'beacons' which are present on every website you visit.

That's it. Simple.

There is an additional little trick where you can use duckduck to do the search.....but it will return the results from google (which are sometimes much better then duckduck's)

Say you are searching horses in duckduckgo....... type in !g in front of the word horses.....in other words, your search would look like !g horses

I have enlarged it so you dont need to get up close to the screen to read it.

That search will return google results.....but the 'searcher' on google's servers will show as duckduckgo......not you

To avoid ISP's snooping requires other methods which I will not detail here (unless asked)

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