android hack

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    Phone hacked

    So my phone has been hijacked. I don't need to check if it's true or not because I know. He added a 2nd msisdn number a while back and saw my home address and my accounts. He turns off my screen, refreshes the page while I'm typing, changes the language on websites and this is just to start. All...
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    Could F-Droid Potentially Give Google Play a Run For It's Money?

    I recently came across this thread: I originally was going to respond to it, but then I realized I'm better off making my response a separate thread. Being that F-Droid isn't the creation of some big, well-known company with...
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    All my devices got hacked with sidechannel attack. PLEASE HELP

    HEY GUYS, my name is John. I am new to any Linux forums and also new to Linux. I have my mesterious hacker to thank for that. Someone installed remote access into my 4 laptops and about 4 metropcs android phones. I bought this iPhone yesterday because a sheriff ensured me they were “unhackable”...