change font size in terminal mode?


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Jun 7, 2019
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Hi all,

i have installed Ubuntu Server on my system, which provides no desktop GUI by default. This is fine. However, working from the command line I find the fontsize is too small for my weary old eyes and would like to make it larger. I have NO IDEA how to even approach doing this.

My first thought was that I might need to adjust the X11 parms for the monitor, but I can't find where they are stored and since I'm in command line mode I'm now thinking X11 has nothing to do with it.

So anybody have a clue how I can adjust either the fontsize or the screen resolution to get larger type?

Thanks in advance,


On a Debian based system, you can use:
sudo dpkg-reconfigure console-setup
And it will ask you to select the encoding.
Then it will ask you for the character set to use.
Then you can choose which font to use and then pick the size of the font.
For the encoding and the character set options, it's probably best to just use the default settings. But for the font and size, you can choose whatever you like!

An alternative would be to edit the file /etc/default/console-setup and edit the font and font-size in there.
But if you aren't sure what sizes your chosen font is available in, then use the dpkg-reconfigure command above, because you'll be able to select a size from those available!
I'm not 100% positive - but I am pretty sure it's a console setup fix. So, I smashed the keyboard with those terms and came up with this:

LOL Or, just follow what Jas said - it's the same as at my link.

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