Cannot get Linux OS to show as an option to boot in Dual Boot Laptop

On the Dual Boot Desktop I just built I boot to the Linux SSD in Bios, first thing that pops up is Grub..

1. Boot to Linux Mint
2. Boot To Linux Mint Command Prompt
3. Boot to Windows OS
4. Boot to Bios

Only issue was an AMD CPU Upgrade (Yeah Like after 2 months old) ;) And Bios reverted back to the NVME boot. Just had to change it back to Linux SSD. Because Linux sees Windows.

On HP laptops I have found it does not like dual booting without the On hold Del option. Start with Windows and it will steal your Linux boot options. Maybe not right away but some update will eventually do so.
yeah, i have another laptop and it does this as well, no issues from that standpoint it just boots right into grub and I can select my OS i want to boot to. I don't know, until i ran into this i didn't even know this issue was a thing. Oh well.

Appreciate that, Unfortunately, i just can't resolve this issue. Even the alternative i found at a different site, it wouldn't allow me to copy the Ubuntu Efi File to replace the one in the Windows EFI folder.. I'm pretty much at a loss. I think i'm just gonna give up and deal with having to manually boot into Ubuntu by hitting f9 and selecting it as an option. I hate giving up though I really struggle with letting go of something I'm pretty sure should work.

At some point though it's not worth the grief. Thanks anyways to all.
a simple reinstall would most likely solve your problem just make sure the the boot manager is installed on Sda1 The windows efi partition.
Stan, Makes sense, i went ahead and deleted those posts and posted with no links above here.

It's like that for the first five posts. A moderator gets to it eventually, but there are only a couple of us and this is a global forum. We get to it as rapidly as we can. During my 'shift', I try to check at least every couple of hours but the real world sometimes needs my attention.

For the record, we don't have formal shifts. We're just not that organized.

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