Can I find the size of an entire website?


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May 24, 2022
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I'm using Ubuntu 20.04
Is there a way, preferably from the command line, to find the total size of a website?

Not realistically, no...

Unless, of course, you're hosting the website. If you're hosting the site, just use 'ncdu' on the appropriate folder.

If you do not host the site, then no... No, you can probably use httrack/wget to download all the pages (considered kinda rude), but that'd be just the pages and images and stuff like that... There's often still a lot you won't see and download, like the database that populates all that.

So, no... That's not something you can realistically do.
If this is your own website running on your own server:
du -hs /var/www/nextcloud/
Puppy Linux has a software --
Pfetch allows downloading an entire site, from which should allow one be able to determine size.
Another link from cyberciti
Pfetch allows downloading an entire site,

That is only true if the site is pure HTML type stuff. You won't get things like the backend stuff - databases and stuff like that. My linux-tips site is about 10 GB in size, with probably about 1/20 of that being accessible publicly with tools like Pfetch or HTTrack (or wget, which you can set to no-clobber at least).
Thanks for clarification.
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There is a high chance that it is in the default repos of the distribution you run as well.
httrack.x86_64 : Website copier and offline browser

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