Can’t get .exe file to open on steam deck using wine.


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Apr 12, 2023
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Okay so I downloaded half life 1 game of the year edition from because I prefer the old version of half life more than the steam version. I used wine to open the setup.exe and it worked fine until I tried to open the game itself. Whenever I try to open the game it loads but then it crashes. It never actually launches is what I mean. (I did all of this through desktop mode which has arch Linux). So I was wondering if there was any way to fix this.

There could be several reasons why Half-Life 1 is not running on your Steam Deck using Wine. Here are a few things you can try:
  1. Install the necessary dependencies: Make sure you have installed all the necessary dependencies for Wine and Half-Life 1. You can check the Wine AppDB website to see what dependencies are required for your specific version of Half-Life.
  2. Use a different version of Wine: You can try using a different version of Wine to see if that resolves the issue. Wine 6.0 is the current stable release, but you can also try using the development version (Wine Staging) to see if that works better.
  3. Use a different version of Half-Life: If the version of Half-Life you downloaded is not working, you can try downloading a different version from a different source. The version of Half-Life available on Steam is known to work well with Wine.
  4. Check Wine logs: Wine logs can be helpful in identifying the cause of a crash. You can check the Wine logs to see if there are any error messages that might indicate what is causing the crash. The logs can be found in the "~/.wine/drive_c/users/username/Temp" directory.
  5. Use a compatibility layer: Another option is to use a compatibility layer like Proton or Gamescope, which are designed to help Windows games run on Linux. Proton is included with the Steam client, so you can try enabling it for Half-Life 1 in the game's properties. Alternatively, you can try running Half-Life 1 using Gamescope, which is available as a separate package.
  6. Use a different game engine: Lastly, you can try running Half-Life 1 using a different game engine like Xash3D, which is a custom engine designed to run Half-Life 1 on Linux. Xash3D can be downloaded from the official website, and installation instructions can be found on the GitHub page.

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