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Just an update. Brave now comes with its own search engine. It is still in beta.
I didn't test that search engine myself yet, I just find the news on Twitter this morning. I will stick with DDG for a while. But you can read the news and review from these links:
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Brave browser is the best browser I have seen
•Its the fastest browser
•With in-built as blocker(works very well)
•Consumes much lower ram than Chrome
•It has all the features that are in Chrome(most popular browser in the world )
•lots of customisation
•beautiful asthetics and a great UI
•and lastly, Google Chrome sucks
chrome android have this tech also.


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ITSFoss just made a review about Brave search (link below).
Summary: Features in Brave Search That Make it a Great Google Search Alternative:
Anonymous Search, Private Local, and Global Search Results, Transparency in Search Results, A Refreshing User Interface, No Anti-Competitive Nature, Dark Mode & Tweaks

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Brave is A-OK but I still like Firefox better could be because I'm just more used to Firefox and Brave does take some getting used to it's theming.


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The other day, I went to install Brave. The installation went just fine, or it appeared to.

I looked and looked and couldn't figure out why it wasn't an entry in the applications menu.

So, I started it in the terminal - and sure enough, it popped up but moved very slowly, as though it was broken.

That's when I noticed that I was actually SSHed into a different computer. Yup... I installed Brave on the wrong computer because I didn't notice I was connected to it in the terminal.


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what in hell were you drinking that day ???

On a more serious note, I have become disenchanted with FF (firefox)

It has taken quite a while. I have been using FF since its inception...2004-2005

Over time it has become slower....and slower

I do have some clue as to what causes slowness in a browser. Add ons are the first culprit....the profile in use is next on the list......the list continues.

Approx three versions ago, the slowness really set in
I redownloaded and installed a fresh profile. At that stage I had around 10 add ons.

I deliberately did not install the add ons.....none of them at all.

And it is still slow

Define slowness?..I receive updates from via email.
I click on the 'view this thread' link in the email and I click the start button on a stopwatch at the same time.
To the actual moment when the page loads and is readable in FF.....minimum 10 seconds....Maximum 14 the average was around 11.6 seconds.
Damn near enough time to make coffee. Frustration by the tonne.

So....finally I bit the bullet.
I downloaded and tried many browsers.
Give Chrome a miss
A few of the FF spinoffs.

My decision to stay there was easy
1. Fast
2. The configuration is simplicity itself.
3. Did i mention fast?.....those email links from are now loading in 4.6 seconds...every time
I have ignored the rewards thing....I have no use of it,...I want a browser not a distraction.

The sites/shortcuts I added on the tab page work just as fast...damn near instantaneous.

It blocks adds like it was born to do the job.

The bloody thing is amazing.

I am not inundated with bullshit from this browser. I like that very much.

FF....take note.
Others who are using Brave Browser please post why you are using Brave Browser.

I use brave Browser as it seems more so privacy focused than most other browsers.
user Sessions have Randomised Fingerprinting & even Tab session Randomised Fingerprinting & furthermore it have no device info displayed/leaked which is outstanding. This should be a minimum standard for all browsers yet it isnt, however Brave does this job well & straight out of the box.
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After having tested Brave for a couple of weeks, I can now say that I have completely moved to Brave and am running Firefox as my secondary browser. Two reasons: 1. Speed 2. Better OOTB Privacy than Firefox.


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