best space sim/RTS: I love starsector and it runs on linux


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Jan 18, 2023
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best space game i have ever played. SERIOUSLY i passed the whole game and im still playing.


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I've learned the hard way that the argument "it runs on Linux" is hardly a valid reason to make a purchase.
Hello CataclysmicGentleman,

While I appreciate your enthusiasm for the game you've highlighted, I find it quite perplexing how easily you've labeled it the "best space game" based on the screenshots and your brief commentary. I understand that experiences can be subjective, but such sweeping statements can be misleading for those new to the genre or those who are considering a purchase based on community feedback.

Your post lacks a comprehensive analysis of the game mechanics, storyline, character development, and graphics. A few screenshots, while visually informative, hardly encapsulate the depth and breadth of what makes a game truly stand out. For instance, how does this game compare to other esteemed titles in the space genre? Are there any unique features or mechanics that set it apart? These are essential questions that any detailed review should endeavor to answer.

Moreover, while your system specs are impressive and provide a context for the performance you've experienced, it would be more beneficial to delve into how the game performs under varied hardware conditions. Not everyone possesses the latest graphics cards or processors. Information about optimization, potential bugs, or issues would provide a more rounded perspective.

BigBadBeef's response resonates with a sentiment I've felt on numerous occasions. Just because a game runs on Linux doesn't inherently qualify it as a masterpiece. It's essential to be discerning and analytical, especially when sharing feedback that could influence others.

In the future, I'd urge you to adopt a more structured approach to your reviews. Detail the aspects you enjoyed, areas of improvement, and any comparisons with other games in the same category. Such comprehensive feedback not only provides a clearer picture for potential players but also fosters a culture of constructive critique that can benefit game developers and the broader community.

Best regards,
Kiba Snowpaw
alright. thanks for the advice.

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