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Jun 9, 2022
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Does anyone here has an Adamantix ISO file ?
The date is not important for me.

Thanks in advance, HGStyle.

Alas, there's no download link there - nor at any of the links on the page. I checked and gave up. It's a distro from almost 20 years ago - and not an overly popular one. I even found a specific .iso name and found nothing - not even at

OP is gonna have to hope for someone with better Google-fu than I have.

The current '' is some provider that seems to include webhosting and TV, with a site that doesn't actually have much in the way of information and is so slow in loading... So very slow (at least when I was there)...
I know there is no download links on, and i searched in the Internet Archive, but there is nothing like an ISO file. I thinked it's can be a good idea to ask on a Linux forum the question, maybe someone has an ISO in his old download folder, or on his old USB key...
Yes. I know ArchiveOS is a cool website to download iso files. But, no iso.
Yes. I know ArchiveOS is a cool website to download iso files. But, no iso.

It seems Adamantix was once called "Trusted Debian". I wonder how far this is from just Debian?
(at least a Debian circa 2007 version). Is Debian still making 32bit (i386) versions?
Is Debian still making 32bit (i386) versions?
Yes, they are... here are the latest "pure Debian" desktop editions. Or latest i386+nonfree desktop editions are here. These provide a base for others to provide 32-bit distros too, such as MX Linux, antiX, and Slax. Support for 32-bit seems to be a little less each year, but it ain't dead yet. Maybe the OP could find a suitable substitute among the many choices Debian now offers.
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To test it
Based on DistroWatch's description, it's a security-focussed Debian based distro. But it's now dead, and an old ISO would likely no longer be considered secure by modern definitions.

There are other more modern security-focussed distros available, depending on your needs.

Also, as I said in this thread, your computer is only as private/secure as you make it, no matter the distro.

That's about all I can offer, since you don't really specify why you are targeting Adamantix, or whether other distros would suffice.
Yeah, I allready know the distro is dead.
But it's simply for tests, and not to use it everyday.
It's been a long time I didn't logged in to, and no updated here. I didn't find it BUT I have some news, if some people wants them.
1. I found an old article showing how to install Adamantix... It's in French. It's not a problem for me because I am actually French. Link if you wanna read (good luck if you are not French ! I understand that French is hard...):
2. There is an EMAIL ADDRESS TO CONTACT THE AUTHOR OF THE ARTICLE !! It is "antolien[at]"
3. Problem: at the time I discovered the website (like a year ago) that host the email was... down.
4. I tried to send a email but the server was not found, like was no longer existing.
5. I got intrigued by ONE single image in the article, link:
6. I accessed to the all the links but none were working, so... Wayback Machine.
7. All the files were not backed up. Only files containing SHA1/SHA256 or MD5 were backed up on Wayback Machine. Except ONE SINGLE.
8. Problem: the download never starts. I got the info of the backup, it's from "Alexa Internet" and it was written "The data is currently not publicly accessible." I decided to ask Internet Archive by email if it was possible to get the file.
9. After months (they took very long time to respond, maybe they get lots of emails to read and respond) AND THEY SAID THE FILE EXISTS AND SEEMS TO BE INTACT. However, "The data is not currently accessible" means I can't access it (lol). I'm sorry, I can't login right now to my emails and find back the email so maybe later you will have a screenshot. Actually I have some questions, if someone can answer:
- Can they access the data, but they cannot send it due to some policy ? Or it is kept by another entity that refuses to send it ?
- For them, I am a random guy on the Internet. There is no reason why I would need this. By example (in France, not sure about other countries) if you are a journalist, you can access more informations than other "random people", because it's their job and etc... But it applies only in France as I know and I'm not a journalist. I am actually a random guy. But then who can access the data ? Can, by example, a giant team of well-known archivists have access to the data ? Or just no one can access it ?
10. I made a pause on this. I just researched and... the IXUS email provider website is back online ! I'm gonna retry to send an email.
11. ANNOTHER THING ! I found the IXUS forum profile of the guy who wrote the article. IDK if there is some kind of DM system on it but I'm gonna try to contact it via it if I can.
Also, I'm gonna try to ask to AIs like ChatGPT or the less known Claude AI...
G'day @HGStyle maybe later you will have a screenshot.

If you are able to take one that would be great.

Thanks for updating us and good luck

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