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Apr 28, 2021
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hi all,
just joined, been a Linux USER for a long time, but am just that a user not a programmer, I predominantly have been using Mint but have loved playing around with different distros on old and some decrepit kit
the handle ! well before I retired ,I spent many years advising architects, government departments etc on the best cladding matrials for UK listead buildings from 1500 to 1850

among others, cobb was quite common
In Ghana there are many buildings traditional ones with a type of thatch that are built using clay with "additives" such as Military Museum - Kumasi
G'day @brickizard and welcome to linux.org from a Colonial from The Antipodes. :)

Chris Turner
Oh i just noticed my W is missing..can i change it???? should be Brickwizard
its back many thanks to KGIII and Rob
Forum methodology tip:

If you want someone to notice you mentioned them, put an @ in front of their username. It will also offer auto-complete choices when you do that.

Hey @brickwizard just a tip or two from a pedantic a-hole:

1. One d in Douglas Adams' surname, 2 d's is The Addams Family :) (I'm a fan of both)
2. Intro not Into in the title


Where did you find that?

Was it on display in the bottom of a locked filing cabinet stuck in a disused lavatory with a sign on the door saying ‘Beware of the Leopard.” ??
We have some more fans here, they will pop up where you least expect them.

I asked our old friend, Slartibartfast to knock me up a replacement in his free time, he was the only one who could still understand how the IBM OS worked:D
I have been a fan since the spring of 1978 when the original radio serial was broadcast on BBC radio 4, It took a while to reach further south than the Isle of Wight , I use to listen whilst trying to study [not that I did much for that half hour] , I was much surprised when in 1981 BBC TV put out an adaptation of the original radio prog. and the characters were just as i imagined them, I still have the BBC double VC of the tv show, watched the US film adaptation and thought it was absolute Roo droppings, a couple of months back I found the original radio shows on line and listened again...ha such memories
We have some more fans here, they will pop up where you least expect them.


I changed my signature to add another link. It no longer has "So long and thanks for all the fish."

But I'm still a fan!
How do you feel?"
"Like a military academy, Bits of me keep on passing out."
This is wildly off topic, but there are two versions of Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency. (They're based on Adam's work of the same title.) They're well worth seeking out, with the newer version being better (in my opinion) and sadly limited to just two seasons.
But I'm still a fan!

... and he's one I was referring to :)

We can afford to be a bit off topic with intro's provided we have the participation of the OP. I have known some to go on for months. :)

My first wife and I were introduced to Hitchhiker on vinyl by a younger cousin in Melbourne 1981/82.

On our return to Brisbane we bought Hitchhiker and Restaurant on vinyl and used to play them to friends.

In mid-1982 we were hosting the Commonwealth Games, and we bought a VHS video recorder to tape what we wanted to keep. By good timing, our national TV and Radio broadcaster, the ABC, broadcast the 6 episode TV show of Hitchhiker at the same time, so we captured it.

I also have the Eagles record that features the music.


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