50K Mark Reached in Membership

Blame me for that. I was a surf lifesaver (lifeguard) for 8 years. The Clubhouse had a bar open Friday nights, and if you breached rules by arguing politics, sex, race, creed and so on, you appeared before a Committee and were suspended.

Those clubhouse rules were regularly breached back when I used to frequent as an angry young rascal. I remember convincing the barman there was a "golf war" between Colin Montgomerie and Tiger Woods.

Another time I convinced him that it was just a heated argument about a brand of cider.

Admittedly, it meant some of the more in-depth arguments about economics had to wait until surfs up on Saturday.

I joined in 2019 to learn about Linux, what better way to learn than to join a website that says Linux?
As I wondered through the forums as a non user I saw everyone helping others instead of bashing .
Then I saw wizards and was like I'm sold joining. Lol!
Right from the start everyone was super nice and extremely helpful.
The Moderators in this website are amazing as well as the rest of the members.
You can tell this website was built right and took a lot of effort to get started along side with keeping it supported.
I try to keep up with the support side every month because hey why not . look at what I have learned coming in here and what I will gain it's priceless.
Thanks everyone for such an amazing website/home.
You build it, we'll use it.
I would think that the forum software has a way to generate and view this, if not there might be a plugin that could give this feature.
Like these:
Options :
  • Daily statistics open
  • Weekly statistics open
  • Monthly statistics open
Sooner or later we might expand on our Terms & Rules, but at the moment they are nice and short, unlike a lot of other sites and forums.

I'm pretty fond of the rules the way they are. They work.

I do like a rule from HN.

Please respond to the strongest plausible interpretation of what someone says, not a weaker one that's easier to criticize. Assume good faith.
Thanks everyone for such an amazing website/home.

It's with people like you, Tobey, that the site has "value added" over time. You are coming up on 3 years here in a few weeks.

If we were actively trying to sell a product, I think I'd be asking you to use your Post as a Testimonial. ;)

Friday here in Oz, so


Difficult to say.. why we have exponentially increase membership ..
being in the top returns for search engines is a bonus [as click bait] ,but once a new person dose click on what makes them want to join. Is it that we do not tend to use too much tech' speak,?. is it because we are independent of any particular distribution, ?.

I would like some of the new members to contribute to this thread and say what persuaded them to join .

From a more personal point of view, many of us are old goats that should have been put out to pasture years ago, and not 25 year olds with more letters behind their names than there is room for on the envelope, yet the membership still value our input and for Me this give a great sense of achievement and satisfaction.
So congrats to all active members and the staff who willingly give their free time to the advancement of Linux

Brian [Bwiz]
I believe you have hit the nail on the head with your "great sense of achievement and satisfaction" comment. That, my friend, is something money cannot buy.
I think that many people dislike work because they do not see anything but the money being paid for any particular job.
Achievement and satisfaction cannot be gained any other way than work. Those are the intangibles a person receives from work.