12 Year Old Dell Inspiron Help

I don't think Jeff really needs that upgrade either
American megatrend didn't update as often as some other BIOS manufacturers, I don't know why it has a different version of the bios when it has the same motherboard.
The more Ram you have the less trouble you have and the computer won't need Swap or slow down.

From the article...https://easylinuxtipsproject.blogspot.com/p/ssd.html#ID8.1
The price you pay for turning on zswap, is twofold:

- Your processor (CPU) is being taxed more heavily, because it'll have to compress and decompress more;

- When the system has filled the RAM swap, it'll start swapping on the hard drive as well. With a burden on the available RAM: the chunk of memory that has been sacrificed for the RAM swap.

I left zswap disabled by default for those reasons and just add more Ram when needed as I don't like to create problems...been doing this for nearly 5 years with my SSDs and no problems.
You're welcome...I forgot to mention I replaced the HDD about 3 years ago with a 500GB SSD which makes a big difference.

1TB and 2TB SSDs are so cheap now that you install one of these Samsung 860 or 870 into it. Really the best thing you do to that machine.

I did that to a 10 year old Dell and it made it into a new computer. Works fine with only 4GB of RAM.

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