1. L

    Solved Weird Wifi Problem !! Linux 21.1

    So My hostel's wifi has firewalls, basically "" This is default route of it. Randomly it gets changed into and internet goes off. I tried to fix my bssid,macaddress from network settings as well as i tried to put default routes etc from setting. still facing same problem...
  2. M

    [SOLVED] Can't get usb WiFi adapter to work. (Pop os)

    Hello, I've wasted too many hours on this and decided to make a post. Sorry for the images, I'm writing this on a phone! And I'm using Pop os on the last version that was available in the download page (NVIDIA). I was able to download the driver however the installation had some errors. I...
  3. A

    Kali Virtual Box Network Connection

    Hello I am having some issues getting internet connectivity on my VB running Kali I am using: Windows 10 Virtual Box 6.1.38 r153438 Virtual Box Extension: 6.1.38 r153438 Kali Version: 2022.3 Machine Settings: USB: Enable USB Controller Ticked USB 3.0 (xHCI) controller selected USB Device...
  4. L

    PopOS - I accidently added my USB wifi card twice. Help to remove one?

    I am a Linux rookie but I am trying to learn. I installed PopOS on a desktop but I added two different instances of my USB wifi card. The wifi card is a TP-link Archer T4U Plus and now it looks like this at my network settings. How do I remove one of them?
  5. F

    WLAN issue that distro community cannot solve

    I've come here as last resort. This is a pretty new spec laptop at a 3050TI and 12th gen i7 cpu. I would love to make it my new home but im having issues sorting the wifi! I know the wifi card works, as just before i nuked windows, it had shown all available connections and was asking me to pick...
  6. Z

    Pop!_OS wifi stopped working

    Hello, when i first installed pop os wifi was working fine, but after connecting my laptop to ethernet i can't connect to wireless anymore. I am still new to linux and don't know what the issue is. I found out however that wifi only works when i connect an external adapter. How do I get it to...
  7. H

    Linux wireless AP associated but no internet and can’t ping IPs

    This is a fresh install of IPFire v2 current release. The upstream AP has Internet access and works with any other connected device. The WiFi adapter is associated with a wireless AP. This is the “red” (Internet / WAN facing) network. Ethernet is used for the green (LAN) network. A client...
  8. eronis

    Ubuntu 22.04 cannot connect to Eduroam

    I've been using Arch Linux for a while now. I recently switched to 22.04 because I thought it was cool. However, I have a problem. My wireless works just fine. I've been using Eduroam here in dormitory for a while too. It seems that some Linux distros have a problem of identification with...
  9. Chafoin

    Possible MITM attack on wifi hotspot ?

    Ok so at work i have a wifi hotspot, they ask you to auth via web proxy. In order to get it to work i had to install a certificate. One of my coworker told me my https requests made trough this proxy are compromised by this certificate that could allow the hotspot to MITM if it wanted to. Is...
  10. K

    There are a question about the kernel

    Hi, I just started Linux. And I'm sorry for my English. Please help me solve this problem. Can't I use the Ubuntu 18.04 to 5.13.X version of the kernel? I have keyboard and Wi-Fi issue. And in other to solve it, I think it is necessary to install a kernel version of 5.13.X or higher. I...
  11. P

    MediaTek Wifi firmware - Debian 11

    I have an Asus Vivobook 15 which has a MediaTek MT7921 Wifi card (I think it is that model, I know it is MediaTek), and no ethernet port. I have a kali 2021.4a usb live image, on which wifi works jankily (I will make a separate thread about that). However, I am trying to install debian 11 as a...
  12. L

    How to connect to wifi on Q4OS? [Solved]

    Hi I have installed LXQT Q4OS. I am able to connect via cable to the internet but not wireless. How do I do that? It is a 32bit laptop, older than 10 years. More info on the laptop: Network controller: intel corporation Pro/Wireless 2200BG [Calexico2] Network Connection (rev 05) I have...
  13. M

    Intel® Wi-Fi 6E AX210 Card Not working on Unbuntu or Mint

    Hi! Before I dive in here are my PC specs. Let me know if anyone needs additional info on any hardware. 1. Motherboard: Gigabyte Aorus Master X570S 2. Processor: Ryzen 5 5600X 3. GPU: Nvidia EVGA GeForce 2070 XC 4. RAM: (16GBx2) Crutial Ballistix 3600MHz 5. T-Force Cardea ZERO Z330 M.2 NVME...
  14. U

    Linux is stuck on background [POP-OS_21.04] [CLOSED]

    OS-Name Pop OS OS-Version 21.04 Problem Stuck on background screen. I have the top bar with; WIFI, volume and power but that's it.
  15. O

    Wifi, ethernet connected, but no internet.

    Hey! I have a problem with my Ubuntu system. Wifi and ethernet is connected, when I type iwconfig command it displays but the internetdoes not work. Everything worked before. Iknow it's the system's fault, because on theother system (Windows) (dualboot) everythingworks without a problem. This is...
  16. S

    How could a hacker accessed Admin's Home directory?

    I request everyone to read full and help me and, sorry for my English. I often got few text files (named as "New Text Document.tmp" / "WindowsUpdate..log", WindowsUpdate-1.tmp" / "0000001.tmp" / "0000001 copy.tmp" / "0000001 copy (2).tmp" ...) in my desktop while using Windows (7 & 10), even...
  17. hal_sk

    [Solved] How to disable internet sharing in my access point

    Hello, I have created wifi access point with my Raspberry Pi. I would like to stop sharing internet connection in that access point and only to allow using local network for devices connected to that AP. How can I do it? Thx.
  18. L

    Network Error after Peppermint 10 OS package updates

    I just bought a new computer and installed peppermint 10, once I did package updates I wasn't able to get WiFi or LAN to connect. I tried to reinstall but can't get the USB to boot! I've asked a friend to help me with some start networking commands but no luck. Can anyone help me understand...
  19. Confused_nerd

    Wi-fi not working.

    Hello, so I use linux mint 20.2 Uma, cinnamon version. Recently, my wifi has stopped working, like it shows connected but I can't do anything that requires internet. It DOES NOT show connected, no internet. It shows connected. I know the problem is in the linux part because wifi is working...
  20. T


    notebook novo, o cliente trouxe pra "configurar" fiz uma atualização que já estava em andamento. Ao finalizar, reiniciou e quando voltou, estava com o wifi desativado, e não volta. Só funciona cabeado. Alguem pode me ajudar?