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    Question about embedded linux

    Hi, I started playing with a ZedBoard and I am interested in adding new peripherals to it. I am connecting a USB3300 usb phy to the board but I can not get response even though I build the kernel with almost all of the flags enabled. I even don't see a corresponding output when I do lsusb...
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    Help Installing Zorin OS On Lenovo Flex 3

    I need help installing the Zorin Core OS on my Lenovo Flex 3-1130. I can put the OS on a USB just fine, however, I can't get into the bios. I pressed every key known to man to enter the bios. None of them work. When I go into my Windows 10 settings and boot into advanced settings to boot from...
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    Identifying a specific kernel module

    Hi I have a troublesome USB card with a renesas upd720202 chipset that only works on certain Linux flavours So for example with Debian 8 (3.16) the card doesn't even show up in lspci but with Mint 17.3 (3.19) all works perfectly. What I would like to do is identify what module in the Mint...