Complete instalation on USB


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Hello, i am trying to do an full install on USB (PopOS) (Live one with persistence is working fine, but it cant be encrypted). I tried Launching diskless VM (Oracle VM), loaded ISO, plugged in USB and install on USB space, but it didnt work. When I try to boot it on old HP-dv6, i get just black screen, when i try it on new ASUS rog gl502VM, when i click on USB in boot menu, nothing happens, boot menu is still there, when i click on my SSD, it boots up Win. I tried at least 4 online guides (Ubuntu, but it should not be a problem), tried older laptop, removed its HDD and install only with 2 USBs where one was live and second one was target, but same result. I am honestly out of ideas, thanks for any help.


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