Created a Partition, and Now USB Won't Work (Solved)


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I'm still looking forward to hiring a software developer to help me create the Gift Economy Network. After I finally know how much it would cost to create software, I plan to take a loan out. One of the ways I plan to pay off that loan is to put Linux software onto USBs and selling them. After burning Mint onto one of them (so that people can boot into it from startup), I turned it into a partition. After unplugging the USB and plugging it back in to make sure I did everything correctly, the USB is no longer being recognized by my laptop. I've tried getting help from the tech guy at the library, and even he doesn't know what to do because he's so used to Windows (although he did say he's trying out Pop! OS on his personal machine).

Update: Nevermind. Because my external hard drive wasn't being recognized either, I decided to restart the computer, and that fixed both problems.
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