1. S

    ubuntu software center will not work

    Hello. New to most things linux. i went to the "ubuntu software button" and clicked on it. (from the desktop) I have most recent Ubuntu on my laptop. . i press "intstalled" and nothing happens; \ i press "updates", and the wheel spins for a long long long time with no opening or resolution; i...
  2. F

    LowDisc space on "Filesystem root"

    Hello :) I got this message for a long time now, and i ignored it until now :rolleyes: I tried to resize the root partition with "cfdisk" by cutting some of my other partition and giving to the root, but it didnt work.. I'v added the output of "df -h", and the "cfdisk" for both of my disks. i...
  3. B

    how to enable tpm 2.0 on unknown manufactured device

    Hi, I have a board from an unknown manufacturer and it comes with tpm 2.0 module but I can't make it appear on /dev. I have tried to load the correct drivers but during the boot it shows fly error: tpm_tis_remove and I have no idea of the reason. How could I make it work? I have tried to compile...
  4. M

    Ubuntu slow

    Some days ago I updated my os from 20.0.4 but after sometimes I noticed my system git slower and it's always hanging
  5. A

    Shared folder not working in Ubuntu Studio

    Hi everyone, I am new here I am looking for some help to set a Shared Folder in Ubuntu studio installed on Virtual Box, I have had no problem doing this in other dist (Ubuntu mate, Kubuntu, Lubuntu and Ubuntu 20) but I cannot make it work in Ubuntu studio. So I have installed the Guest Addition...
  6. D

    Linux in Pop Culture

    Its a cool feeling when you see or hear a specific distro being mentioned in pop culture, because it encourages people to try it out, while promoting Linux as a whole and the principles of FOSS. There are a few links I found that talk about this (albeit a bit old): Here's Canonical talking...
  7. A

    Ubuntu - Hard disk fills up for no reason

    I have a problem with Ubuntu and I noticed that my hard disk indicates that it is almost completely full, but when I check the files, I should have plenty of storage space left over. I ran the command df -h and this is the result of one of the partitions. Filesystem Size Used Avail Use%...
  8. A

    Migrating my code from Centos to Ubuntu.

    Hi, I need to run my Make file from centos to ubuntu environment, what are the changes i need to follow to make it work. when I do compiling As, it is in ubuntu desktop i got lots of dependency issues. please help me to compile. THANKS in advance.
  9. Y

    Error wiping device: Failed to probe the device '/dev/sdb' (udisks-error-quark- 0)

    I get the error Error wiping device: Failed to probe the device '/dev/sdb' (udisks-error-quark, 0) whenever I try to format the drive. I am starting to get worried because I've tried lots of methods like the "security password XXXX" method, and they have not worked.
  10. A

    child Process ended before Parent process

    I wrote a code to under stand the work of process by call system call with fork() function Here is this code Here is the out-put: without wait() function it should execute first parent process completely then it execute child process. But here the child process execute first completely...
  11. J

    Ubuntu 22.10 Kinetic Kudu Freezes

    Hello, I have just upgraded yesterday to the `22.10` Ubuntu Release from `22.04`. I am experiencing quite a few bugs. The most relevant is one where the whole screen would freeze for no reason (only when regular browsing). The screen goes back to black briefly before showing back again the...
  12. F

    Can't change bridge subnet or create network on Docker

    I would like to build a small infrastructure entirely under Linux. For the LDAP and file server part I would like to set up a Docker server that will host the OpenLDAP and Owncloud containers. I would like to have a network for my Docker server and its containers. This will give ...
  13. Ant-Eye-Matter

    Grub Hates Me.

    I've been installing as many distros as I can on an old laptop of mine. After about three operating systems, Grub starts imploding. I've topped out at 4. Is there an alternative to Grub that I can use to fix this?
  14. P

    audio problem

    I have ubuntu 22.04 installed and I have had a problem with the sound for two days. : "Sep 14 14:31:54 tomek-Lenovo-YOGA-530-14IKB systemd [1163]: Starting Sound Service ... Sep 14 14:31:54 tomek-Lenovo-YOGA-530-14IKB pulseaudio [1275]: Failed to open cookie file...
  15. Sulfide8329

    kali KDE menu copy in kubuntu or any KDE dedian desktop

    I install some Kali tools in MX Linux, but the problem is, there is no category in application menu like Kali Linux KDE has. For better understanding, here is some image. Please help in this situation or is there any way to import kali menu in any os like MX or other
  16. jeremyy44

    Jumpbox problem about needing more ssh key's

    Hi, So here is my situation. I have my user desktop, my jumpbox and my server. My thought here is I want to use my jumpbox as well a jumpbox server for ssh, and it works. But I tough I would only need to add the ssh key of the user to the jumpbox and the jumpbox to the server. Not the user...
  17. P

    How can I increase tx queue number under ubuntu wan interface?

    Dear all, I want to increase the tx queue on ubuntu. pidda@pidda:~$ ls /sys/class/net/wlp1s0/queues/ rx-0 tx-0 pidda@pidda:~$ sudo ip link set wlp1s0 numtxqueues 7 pidda@pidda:~$ echo $? 0 pidda@pidda:~$ ls /sys/class/net/wlp1s0/queues/ rx-0 tx-0 pidda@pidda:~$ Though the command execution...
  18. Ericmyers

    I Cannot Solve The Firefox Freezing Issue In Ubuntu 20.04!

    Hello everyone. How are you? I'm posting this for the sake of my Firefox web browser in Ubuntu 20.04. Whenever I want to use the Mozilla Firefox browser on my Windows 10 PC, the Firefox freezing issue makes it very difficult to use. I don’t know why this is happening or how to fix this issue...
  19. P

    Visual Studio Code debuging error

    When I try to debug eny project I have error: "The terminal process failed to launch: Path to shell executable "dotnet" is not a file or a symlink." AnyOne now what's that's? How to fix that's? I have install dotnet SDK and runtimes. Ubuntu 22.04. A
  20. S

    LAMP, all sites secure but /example.com/phpmyadmin is not [Resolved]

    I have set up and am running 4 different servers for clients and myself, three Debian 11 and one Ubuntu 20.04. I thought I set them all the same, but one of the Debian servers shows not secure when going to example.com/phpmyadmin. All my other sites are secure; I have a wildcard cert installed...