1. F

    Write-protected file with Extents attribute refuses to die (ubuntu)

    gm ...newbie here struggling with something that should be easy. I'm installing bitcoin core on linux (ubuntu), and have a problem overwriting a write-protected file (bitcoind.service). I've Googled and asked ChatGPT and searched the forum archive/FAQs. The solutions I've tried include the...
  2. xc4pr

    Ubilinux / up-cht01

    I have an up-cht01 board with Ubilinux as the OS. I need to make various software changes (updates, functional changes, etc.) on it. However, my client had this done previously by another person who is no longer reachable. This person had the sudo password saved on the desktop, but it doesn't...
  3. P

    Sudo/root permissions not being accepted for access to /usr/local/share/tor-browser

    Currently attempting to install Tor to my Rocky Linux 9 system with the directions listed here, and here. I was able to download the program, check the signature, and sig file, and extract the files from tar. However, to fully install the application (and have it recognized as a full-fledged...
  4. C

    I don't understand why debian by default needs you to add yourself to /etc/sudoers to do anything worthwhile

    A couple weeks ago, i loaded Debian 11 to a VM just to mess around with it...for the first time in my life, i've had a normal home internet connection that isn't garbage in compaison! In Ubuntu, you can by default use the "sudo" command as the user you had to create to do almost everything that...
  5. E

    'user ... is not allowed to execute .... as root on ... ' - even with SUDO privileges but not sure why?

    I am in the processing of installing singularity using the terminal on my Linux Mint computer (Ubuntu). I have the following command: install apt get The computer then asks me to enter my password: [sudo] password for user: When I enter my password, the computer gives me the error: user...
  6. B

    Ubuntu - Apache - sudo - command not found

    Hi guys, First of all, I'm a total newbie. I've done some research however I couldn't find the answer. Maybe because I don't understand it well enough. What I'm trying to do is to install Apache server on Ubuntu. I've tried to follow the step-by-step guide and I already have a problem right at...
  7. R

    Create a new disk

    Hello I am new to Linux and I found trouble trying to create a new disk. The commands that I use are those: sudo su -> fdisk -l (to check the disks) -> man fdisk -> fdisk /dev/sdb (the disk that I want to create). There is a message that No such directory. Any idea how to create a new disk?
  8. B

    SUDO command keeps asking me for password and I´m typing the correct password

    I´m using Linux for Windows (enable the feauter) Linux susbsytem for Windows. So far so god, but then I´m trying execute sudo-apt-get update I enter the password that I use for login with myAccount to my windows pc. But linux promt keep telling med that´s the wrong password for myAccount...
  9. D

    Sensible way to manage sudo commands from script?

    Hey guys! I have a script: ~/.local/bin/did-keyboard to manage the loading of xkeysnail with my specific configurations. I normally run it as did-xkeysnail --load, and it asks me for my sudo password since I have multiple sudo commands in there: sudo kill ..., sudo nohup xkeysnail... (since...
  10. R

    Program permission clarification

    Hi all, recently ive been using ngrok (a tunneling program) to expose my local ubuntu 20.04 minecraft server. For security purposes I decided to create a dedicated non-sudo user to run the minecraft and ngrok process. the problem though is when i try to launch ngrok i get this message...
  11. D

    [SOLVED]'sudo' vs. 'wheel'-group?

    Actually I read on Internet that this can be distribution specific, but i do not know that how to cross-post on Thanking you...
  12. LorenDB

    Software review: Howdy

    I found Howdy a few weeks ago while browsing GitHub (that's what programmers do instead of Twitter). It is supposed to be a Linux alternative to Windows Hello. I installed it on my laptop yesterday in order to try it out. My impressions so far: Easy to use if you are familiar with the terminal...
  13. learntechtutorials

    How To Fix Sudo Command Not Found in Debian

    sudo command isn’t included in Debian by default. That’s why you get the error message saying “-bash: sudo: command not found”. In this article you can learn how to fix sudo command not found in Debian.
  14. A

    Major security and usability flaw in Linux (root privileges and sudoers, folder access restriction, Ubuntu Linux)

    Alright, let me give you the context. I am a business owner with strong technical background, say a programmer, though not an advanced system administrator. I've bought a VPS server where I want to host several applications and webpages. One of the apps consists of backend, admin frontend and...
  15. W

    Cannot uninstall Lazy script

    I'm using kali2020.1b. I have downloaded the Lscript from git clone on Kali Linux and now cannot uninstall. My issues is is not highlightned when I go into the Lscript directory. I have attached the screenshot of it. Please help me Thanks in advance, John
  16. superboy2k6

    Add a specific user to get sudo privilleges using shell scripts ONLY

    Hey so I wanted to create a shell script so that a user is added in which the user has sudo privilleges. My code went like this: #!/bin/bash useradd liveuser ; echo -e "liveuser\nliveuser" | passwd liveuser usermod -aG sudo liveuser su liveuser exit It did create the user with the password but...
  17. superboy2k6

    yay not installing in Arch linux

    Hello again, After a fresh install of Arch Linux, I went ahead and made a shell program (.sh) which has these lines: echo Installing yay in this machine git clone cd yay sudo makepkg -si But it shows an error stating like this: ERROR: Running makepkg as...
  18. B

    Security Implications of Giving Root Access to Group of Untrusted Users

    Hello all, Let's say that on a production system, a sysadmin configure /etc/sudoers with following entry: %teens ALL=(ALL:ALL) ALL The entry above allows teens group (which is untrusted) to execute any commands with sudo. The sysadmin assumed that teens group knows what they are doing. Is...
  19. CptCharis

    Terminal not accept passwords

    Hello guys, Hope all of you have a great day!!! Since I updated to "Tessa" I have spot out this two issues: 1. I can't minimize any window (what ever I will do windows closing) this is the minor one problem 2. My terminal is not accepting any password exept sudo ( i.e I can't ssh ) this is...
  20. CptCharis

    philosophical worries

    Good evening Ladies & Gentlemen. I found this in FB from account "Linux Girl in a Windows Word" *quote* Sudo seems to be a mess when it comes to using #Linux in a large corporation. One password and no ability to create more then one #root account. Leads to #admins sharing the same #password...