1. L

    After trying to recover Ubuntu, my Hdd cannot be accessed!!

    Please help me saving my data on my hard drive. And please excuse me as I'm not an expert in Ubuntu but can follow instructions. I have a lenovo ideapad 330 with 1 tera hdd that have dual boot of windows 10 and Ubuntu, Ubuntu is my main OS. Last month I've encountered repeated problems while...
  2. W

    Very odd issue with new RAID 5 HDDs. Some data keeps disappearing when running large copies.

    I have 2 almost identical servers both running Ubuntu 20.04.5 LTS each with the same HDD brand setup in RAID 5 configurations. I have around 10TB of data I am attempting to copy to both servers. Everything worked fine on the first server. However, on the second server, the copy script seems to...
  3. D

    How to automatically suspend HDD

    Hi, I have laptop with two hard drives. First is SSD (with system) and the second is HDD with my private files. So I would like to setup to automatically power off of disk after 4 minutes. I set hdparm -S 48. It didn't work. So I set hdparm -B. If I set value 64 and lower the hard drive will be...
  4. stuffedegg

    Newbie to Linux, network question

    Hi all, sorry if this is in the wrong section, I have only just joined. I am very new to Linux, but honestly, I love it. I am dual booting between Win 10 and Linux Mint (separate SSDs) The way that my household has our network set up is, I am the only person who has a desktop, so I keep a 1TB...
  5. I

    Finding UUID to automount my external HDD

    it says i only have a PTUUID when i do blkid. I dont see any UUID for my harddrive. ive attached screenshots of my terminal. Im currently on Ubuntu 20.04. any help would be appreciated. Im very new to linux so thanks
  6. B

    Question about complete bootable os and all program copy in live ubuntu using dd command

    I am upgrading from a 1 tb sata hdd to a 2 tb pciexpress ssd. The old drive is using around 700 gig of space with windows 10 load and my games and programs etc. My plan is to boot to ubuntu live session and use dd command to copy the old drive exactly how the data is written on it to make the...
  7. S

    Installing Linux on PC with two drives?

    I have a SSD drive where I currently have windows 10 and a few other applications and then I have a HDD where I have most of my other files. To switch to Linux (The distro I have in mind is Linux Mint), do I need to clear both drives or just the SSD? Also, two games I enjoy playing have a bronze...
  8. S

    Samba on Docker not writing to external HDD.

    Hi, I've just built my new Home Assistant / Shinobi CCTV / Jellyfin server and it's running Debian 10. To easily access the media files / security footage, which are stored on a 3TB hard drive separate from the NVMe boot SSD I'd want to set up some samba shares, so i found a promising docker...
  9. Z

    Switching from Windows to Debian

    Hello! For a while i work in programming. Recent i started learning SQL and i want to switch with all on Linux. At college we use Debian so i want to use this OS at home too. I just bought an external HDD of 2TB from SEAGATE and i want to install Debian on that HDD to take it with me everywhere...
  10. X

    unable to mount hard drive / single device looks like 2 separate devices

    Hello guys, i'm facing with some strange behavior of my HDD. This is a single 3TB disk but looks like 2 separate drives on my computers (tryed on manjaro and via armbian -- the same result): $ lsblk | grep sd sdb 8:16 0 2T 0 disk sdc 8:32 0 746.5G 0 disk Looks...
  11. D

    troubleshooting sdb1/ext3 that fails to mount

    I've got a disc drive mounted in a caddy that uses linux to communicate with the (home, Windows) network. The drive has been failing to mount, usually returning a message like "wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sdb1, missing codepage or helper program, or other error". The drive...
  12. N

    Installing CentOS On An External HDD

    Hello People. I'm new in the Linux world and I would like to install CentOs version 7 on external HDD. I have created Linux bootable thumb drive using CentOs. I have windows 10 OS already install on my laptop. I have external HDD of segate on which I want to install Linux. Can any one help me...
  13. CptCharis

    HDD configuration

    Hello everybody!!! It's a long time not see you. So here we are again. I have an old external USB 1T Transcend and play with it for fun and education. Yesterday I erased everything inside it and went one more step further. I override everything with dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdb status=progress...
  14. S

    help installing lubuntu on external HDD w/ data

    So I am having some trouble installing and booting to linux with my external hard drive. I install it on a separate partition different from my main partition that has data, im not trying to use the whole drive, but when I get it installed and try to boot it, its just a blinking line at the top...
  15. CptCharis

    mkfs issues

    Hello guys!!! I'm trying to fix a broken external disk I'm using fdisk tool & everything going well till the moment I'm starting mkfs command It returns a msg :Failed to make "FAT" file system or something similar anyway The same problem appears also trying to fix it in Windows Do you thing...
  16. C

    change hdd manufacturer HDD

    Hello, Linux people.This is a query, and because a way to learn something new My question is whether it is possible to change the manufacturer information of an HDD. a few days ago I bought a HDD Seagate, but it turns out that the Xbox 360 e only reads HDD from wenster union or something, that...