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  1. Z

    Switching from Windows to Debian

    Hello! For a while i work in programming. Recent i started learning SQL and i want to switch with all on Linux. At college we use Debian so i want to use this OS at home too. I just bought an external HDD of 2TB from SEAGATE and i want to install Debian on that HDD to take it with me everywhere...
  2. X

    unable to mount hard drive / single device looks like 2 separate devices

    Hello guys, i'm facing with some strange behavior of my HDD. This is a single 3TB disk but looks like 2 separate drives on my computers (tryed on manjaro and via armbian -- the same result): $ lsblk | grep sd sdb 8:16 0 2T 0 disk sdc 8:32 0 746.5G 0 disk Looks...
  3. D

    troubleshooting sdb1/ext3 that fails to mount

    I've got a disc drive mounted in a caddy that uses linux to communicate with the (home, Windows) network. The drive has been failing to mount, usually returning a message like "wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sdb1, missing codepage or helper program, or other error". The drive...
  4. N

    Installing CentOS On An External HDD

    Hello People. I'm new in the Linux world and I would like to install CentOs version 7 on external HDD. I have created Linux bootable thumb drive using CentOs. I have windows 10 OS already install on my laptop. I have external HDD of segate on which I want to install Linux. Can any one help me...
  5. CptCharis

    HDD configuration

    Hello everybody!!! It's a long time not see you. So here we are again. I have an old external USB 1T Transcend and play with it for fun and education. Yesterday I erased everything inside it and went one more step further. I override everything with dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdb status=progress...
  6. S

    help installing lubuntu on external HDD w/ data

    So I am having some trouble installing and booting to linux with my external hard drive. I install it on a separate partition different from my main partition that has data, im not trying to use the whole drive, but when I get it installed and try to boot it, its just a blinking line at the top...
  7. CptCharis

    mkfs issues

    Hello guys!!! I'm trying to fix a broken external disk I'm using fdisk tool & everything going well till the moment I'm starting mkfs command It returns a msg :Failed to make "FAT" file system or something similar anyway The same problem appears also trying to fix it in Windows Do you thing...
  8. C

    change hdd manufacturer HDD

    Hello, Linux people.This is a query, and because a way to learn something new My question is whether it is possible to change the manufacturer information of an HDD. a few days ago I bought a HDD Seagate, but it turns out that the Xbox 360 e only reads HDD from wenster union or something, that...