1. DoctorWizard

    General Server Advice

    After getting more and more aggravated with MS, I made the jump to Linux a year ago. That was a big leap for me since I've been a Windows admin and developer for most of my 40+ year computer career (Used GEM and other precursors even before Win 1.0). I'm now retired. My machine is dual boot...
  2. Confused_nerd

    Which distro best for programming?

    I'm completely new here, so first of all, hello!:) Now, I'm beginning to learn how to program (currently python) and wanted to know which Linux distribution would be best for programming.( I'm also completely new to Linux) Can someone please help, thanks!
  3. L

    Help installing Linux on an old ASUS E200H (possible/reliable?)

    Hi, I have an old ASUS E200H which originally came with Windows 10. It worked for about a year and then it could not be updated due to limited disk space (32Gb). I tried to put Linux Mint on it (I think version 18), but it did not operate correctly and had serious issues. However I'm not sure...
  4. N

    Lightest Linux Distro?

    Hello, I am a learning development and I have a HP Stream Laptop 14 laptop with 32GB storage and 4GB of ram, Most distributions take up about half of my storage. Is there any very light distribution that only uses 4-6GB and has a full desktop enviorment that i can use for development. The main...
  5. I

    Changing Linux distro

    Hello everyone! I am new here and looking for some advice. Been using Mint Mate 18.3 since March 2018. Never had any issues with Mint that I couldn't resolve, but I think it's time for a change and am primarily looking to learn more about the system. I am looking for some distro for...
  6. N

    Best Distro for All-in-One Raspberry Pi Server

    Hello all, I'm interested in making a Raspberry Pi 4 into an all in one server and I'd like suggestions on which distros and software you think would be best. What I mean by ALL IN ONE: a) DNS - piHole for ad blocking and privacy. b) DHCP - for manually managing 10-20 devices connected also for...
  7. A

    Help selecting Distro for my requirements.

    I am looking for a new Linux distro to run alongside my Windows 10. My main concerns are driver support and apps. I used to run Ubuntu but it didn’t support my devices. Manjaro and Deepin both look pretty cool but I'm open to other options. I want to run it on a laptop with 8 GB RAM and dual...
  8. T

    What is your opinion about Russian distributions?

    example: Rosa Linux, Alt Linux, Calculate linux how do you rate these distributions
  9. X

    BlackArch, Kali, Parrot or Tails???

    Anyone have thoughts on the pros & cons of these "security" distros?
  10. Z

    Distro hopper needs advice

    I am looking for a distro that is at an intermediate level. I would like to challenge and stretch myself a bit (so no mint or ubuntu) but I don't think i'm quite ready for Gentoo yet. Ideas? LOL a whole lot of people are gonna say arch i guarantee that. (Note: Bunsenlabs and Slitaz just don't...
  11. R

    Looking for Persistent, Portable Linux Distro!

    Greetings. Me and my colleagues are developing software, to be run and tested in a Linux OS. We're not in the office often, so we will usually be handing a flash drive back and forth with our work on it. So, we want to have a Linux OS (with all of our files, tools, applications, and docs) on a...
  12. R

    Which distro for a very old laptop?

    Hello! I was hoping I can make a use of my old laptop. I am currently taking classes for which I need to use gcc so I'm looking for a linux distro on which I could do that. The laptops specs are: Pentium III, CPU 1200MHz and only 256mb of RAM. It currently has windows xp oh and the distro iso...
  13. M

    Which distro should I take?

    Hi everybody! I'm here for a simple reason, I bought a New laptop which isn't a warmachine and it comes with the devil also known as Windows 10... The cpu is an AMD A8-7410 (quadcore 2,2 to 2,5 ghz) The gpu is a R7 M440 And the ram is 12go When I check the materials the computer should be...
  14. V

    Updating and upgrading friends GNU/Linux system without internet

    Updating and upgrading friends GNU/Linux system without internet If you ever get stuck in a situation where you have to update / upgrade a system or server but you can not plug it directly to the network then here is easy solution for this problem. just follow these steps:- First Insert...
  15. I

    Linux newbie getting started with questions!

    Hi all and how are you! What I'm about to write, at least in part, may have been covered in the exponential forums across the Linux community so apologies if there's a duplicate. I think it would surely benefit me to have answers specific to my needs. I'm so very sorry for these newby questions...