desktop environment

  1. B

    Old PC, need reccomendation

    Hello world. I just acquired an HP Pavilion a320n. Specs are: Amd 2.8Ghz processor 512 MB RAM Nvidia GeForce 4 graphics 120 GB HDD to start. Which client version of Linux would anyone suggest I try? My eventual goal is just to run file share at home but I want to start basic and learn some...
  2. rado84

    [how to fix] Second instance of the same program

    This info isn't easy to find on the internet, so I decided to share the solution here for those who don't know it and have come across the same problem. It's about desktop environments that use programs from other environments, which was my case - I'm using Cinnamon with a few programs from KDE...
  3. Johan_Perjus

    Who wants to develop a Desktop with me?

    Hello! I am a graphic designer and UI designer with some fresh ideas for a desktop environment, better than the ones that that are out there IMHO. Who wants to help code?
  4. superboy2k6

    Create custom themes for the xfce environment?

    Hey, I was wondering if it was possible to create a custom themes using 48 * 48 pixel png images as icons. I don't know how to CREATE a theme. I don't find any answer to that in the internet. I will continue to create the theme icons only if I get a confirmation answer. It's ok to just modify...
  5. blackneos940

    So What's Your Favorite Desktop Environment.....? :3

    Well, what is it.....? :3 Mine would HAVE to be KDE..... :3 Them Wobbly Windows....... :3 But alas, my ASUS x205ta, which now runs Lubuntu after some time and effort, (mostly on the behalf of the AWESOME HarryHarryHarry over at the Ubuntu Forums, who compiled a custom Kernel for it)...
  6. T

    Nvidia 1030 chip, a Simple 4k graphics card for ubuntu?

    Hi, about 1,5year ago i build a new smal PC for my father. We kept the old FHD screen sins it was suffient, but yeasterday his fancy glass table where his computer screen was standing on, suddenly exploded. And now it looks like there is some need of a new computer screen. . His use i very...
  7. G

    Repgrogram Debian Desktop Environment

    I want to create my own OS using Debian (kind of like SteamOS did). However, not in a rush to try and immediately imitate advanced pieces like scrolling the desktop to view applications in a similar fashion to smart devices. I want to start small (modifying small things to my liking, like the...