Arco linux "Tweak Tool" lets you install and select any and all of the desktop envorments! its awesome!!!


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Feb 13, 2020
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Arco linux TWEAK TOOL is awesome it lets you pick and install all the different desktop enviroments, you can change wallpaper for grub , change display manager, terminal ,themes, its very fun to play around with and very user friendly GUI no commands required!

Screenshot from 2022-01-24 21-44-58.png

Looks very friendly indeed, that's a nice tool to know of
the whole distro is very friendly, Arco linux, I highly Recommend this distro if you if your a distro hopper (like me) or you want to learn more about linux and eventually setup and configure your own system. Arco let’s you play with all the different desktops, themes ,terminals,icons,wallpapers, applications , then when you know which setup you like , there’s an option to make Your own iso , spin off of Arco linux
Yeah the arco project is great, never tested it firsthand but the philosophy is good. I really like to learn so it's really appealing to me but sadly i stopped distrohopping and don't have much time currently.

I find that arco is closer to the truth arch is trying to achieve, they pave a way for new users to learn how their operating system and they make it really accessible. That's more the spirit of open source to me. Learning and helping other learn.

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