Workstation on Kodachi has no Network


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im using the kodachi os and i want to use vmware workstation pro on it. I already have installed workstation and also it runs, but i don't get a network access inside the vm. When i try to open the virtual network editor kodachi say me following error: "Network configuration is missing. Ensure that /etc/vmware/networking exists." -

I already asked in a linux group and i got the reply that the problem is a firewall issue. And that workstation needs some ports open in the firewall. Unfortunately i couldn't get more help.

Honestly i don't know much about linux and i have no idea how i can solve this issue. I hope somebody of you can help me to fix this issue that i can use my workstation.
I tried as alternativ virtualbox, it runs and also the network inside the vm works but the programm is to slow and dont have all functions i need.

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