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wimax on blag distro

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by emekadavid, Jul 20, 2012.

  1. emekadavid

    emekadavid Guest

    I have a mediatek wimax usb card which i use for internet access on a windows system. since i changed over to linux, blag distribution, i have tried to make it run on linux but cannot get the network up. blag though registers the device.
    I have a listing of some commands from my system[[lazy_dog.txt]] as attached file. Please, can anyone tell me what else i need to do that i am not doing so i can set up networking using the wimax usb card? kernel:, GNU/Linux. Blag distro.


    Attached Files:

  2. emekadavid

    emekadavid Guest

  3. Kerms

    Kerms Guest

    linuxwimax.org is down for me too (I don't think it'll ever come back).

    Reading your dump again, I really am for the usb-modeswitch; your dump says that your card is being mounted as a CD (iso9660).
    This is because sometimes devices have the drivers for windows built into the device on a flash chip, and then `flips' into the main device after driver install.

    (A quick google hints that fedora might have a precompiled version.)
    src code:
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  4. emekadavid

    emekadavid Guest

    thanks kerms. will follow the instructions for modeswitch and report back. thanks

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