Why would I want symbolic links to be "followed"? How does this effect cd's behavior?


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Oct 22, 2020
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Sorry to go a little off topic but...using the Live Session for online banking is a big risk you shouldn't take...online banking from a fully updated Linux system is the only way to go.

Here are two quotes with the Mods permission from another Forum from people who know more than I do...

The disadvantage of a live session from a frozen medium like a Mint DVD, is of course that the live session itself misses vital security updates. Which makes it insecure (full of security holes) during the live session.
It's much more secure to install Mint to your hard disk and simply keep it updated.

Even in a live system there is a writable drive: The drive (placed in memory), which the live system uses. Of course all gets nullified as soon as you reboot, but as long as your live session endures, malware can write to this drive for its purpose. At second: malware does not necessarily need to write anything on a drive to get effective, it can possibly simply inject its code in memory. If now your system is vulnerable – a live system is vulnerable, because no security fixes do exist - you are in the trap.

The live system has the advantage (beside others), that no store user data can be read by malware, because there is obviously nothing to read. But if the malware can use a security hole to read during your session from memory (e. g. your entered password or the bank data you are reading), than the advantage of the live system morphs into the opposite.

If you are really paranoid, than install VirtualBox, install inside a virtual machine with Mint (or whatever distro you want), keep it strictly up to date before you start a banking session and use this virtual machine for nothing else. I don't say, that I recommend it, it is only a suggestion for the paranoid ones.


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Jul 23, 2020
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Yup... Live distros are not updated by their very nature. There are some more secure (using other methods) live options - like Tails and Qubes.

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