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When the Motherboard comes with a keylogger

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What makes you think your motherboard came with a keylogger?

If it did, that'd definitely make the tech news and I'm not seeing any pontificating pundits.
Microsoft's solution, ThreatGuard, is neutered by the malware before its execution.
For now, the infections seem confined to China, Vietnam, Iran, and Russia.
.....bearing in mind the article was written in July, 2022
....and the 'creation' was placed back in 2016
we can only suggest that users be wary of purchasing H81-based motherboards in the second-hand market. If they do, always remember to run an antivirus check, which is a good practice for any PC built around hardware whose parts were in someone else's control.
What to do?
Do I kill myself?
Probably nothing so melodramatic.
Reading the article carefully, it would appear the second hand market is the current danger spot.....which would infer that steps have been taken by the manufacturers, ASUS, & Gigabyte to safeguard their product

The question that needs answering is: Do you have an asus or gigabyte motherboard?.....if so when were they purchased, and what form...meaning did you buy second hand or nsw?

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