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Apr 30, 2017
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When shifting from one version of Linux Mint to another, i usually opt for the 'upgrade' option in the update manager.
I have reinstalled a couple of times....usually when I have fouled the whole thing up.

Not in love with reinstalls......the install itself is a piece of cake....its the "resetting" of all the many and various settings in thunderbird and 'attaching' the 300Gb separate hdd to take downloads, and all the mundane crap, including settings in apps, etc etc etcthat must be attended to in order to make the thing work to my satisfaction, ....It would easily take me a day to set it up totally.

However....with the onset of LM 19...soon.....I have it in mind to dispense with the 'upgrade' option.......and will instead opt for a 'clean' install

I have jotted down the following blurb....it is rough...Questions:...am i making some sort of sense?....will this approach work?.....am i just making life hard for myself?...comments and suggestions etc etc welcome

my setup consists of :
120Gb SSD
250GB HDD...(backups..system and pics and music)
300Gb HDD ('torrent' disc, downloads, spare os's, backups of pics(again)
(more info below)

Blurb :

Current setup...... my PC

SSD 120gb...root,/home, pics, music, assorted crapola

300gb HDD....movies, OS's, (5), pics backup, timeshifts, (approx 25gb),

250gb HDD......backups via clonezilla, pics backup, bits and pieces.


SSD ....Root ...no swap

on 300GB HDD.....two partitions....1. 150gb for /home (includes pics and music, as it already does on the ssd)

2. 120gb for movies and OS's etc

on 250gb HDD Backups only

So...i would start by clearing crap from the 300gb......shove it in a folder on the 250gb for the time being. Get into gparted and establish the two partitions by basically putting up a 'wall' at the 150gb spot on the 300Gb

Move /home in its entirety (approx 25Gb) from the SSD to the 150gb newly created place. Reinstall a fresh copy of OS on the SSD. ??Repace the old /home stuff with the new /home content????.....so a reinstall of the OS would simply be just that, a reinstall to the 120Gb ssd....nothing else?????? ((Would need to format? that ssd and start with a clean plate.probably not...fresh install will do that for me.))
The above paragraph in blue is screwy.....??? i dont need to move the old /home...it is on a backup if something goes wrong !.....just install the 'new' os to the ssd and then move the /home to the other hdd.
maybe buy another ssd to hold the /home...would that make the whole thing perform quicker...take away the lag...difference in transfer speed between hdd and ssd ???

(question:....are there dramas with having the /home and the root separated in this way??....will they "see" each other ...brain cant wrap itself around that atm)

Make sure the whole thingie works....then move the movies etc from the folder on the 250gb back to the second partition on the 300gb

If in fact the whole show works.......do a backup.

What have i missed?

What have i missed?

I'm doing a Brian here

Tell us a little more ... eg which Linux Mint are you using currently? Is it 18.3, and is it MATE, Cinnamon, or other?

Where's your Timeshift snapshots, is that with the Clonezilla?

What's your timeframe? (and yes, I know 'Tara' is due for release May/June)

Mate, I am thinking that selective use of Timeshift's sibling or cousin, Aptik, may be of use here with your settings?

You could run an Aptik exercise from your 18.3 (only need about 1GB or less in a dedicated partition).

Then install 'Tara' and take a Timeshift snapshot of the pristine install.

Then restore the Aptik settings from 18.3 on top of Tara. If things go south for the winter, restore your 'Tara' from Timeshift.

I haven't got an LM 17 on board at the moment, but I have 18.1 and 18.2 as well as my 4 18.3s, so I could run a test if you like.

What thinkest thou?

Wiz, signing off for the night
I thinkest that soundeth pretty damn good...

Linux Mint 18.3 Cinnamon
Clonezilla backups are on the 250Gb hdd
Timeshift snapshots are on the 300Gb hdd

(i separated them just in case one died)

Timeframe....not urgent...Tara will get here when it is ready

The 250 Gb has 200Gb free space
The 300 Gb has 200 Gb free space

I have not used Aptik for some time....I just added the frontend to it and singled out "Nightingale" my music (mp3's) player. A restorable copy of it now sits on the 250 Gb drive. The app is not available anymore....hence my caution with it.
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