What's the best Linux distro for me?


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Aug 23, 2020
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I tried a lot of linux distros, but they're not good, anyone pls tell me the best linux distro for me

1) Which distros have you tried?
2) Why are they not good?
3) What is your level of expertise with Linux.
4) The best distro is the one YOU like and which suits YOUR computer.
Try some lightweight DE (such as Xfce), distro isn't matter in fact, but Debian-based are just great for almost everybody.

My advice is Xubuntu LTS or latest Linux Mint Xfce if you're beginner.
Welcome to linux.org

What a nonsensical question !

How is anybody reading this supposed to know what you have already tried ???!!!

You are 19 years old....get your act together and supply some detail.
OK here's the processor you have and it's 64 bit.

However you show only 2048MB of memory which is 2.0GB memory which is going to severely limit your Linux choices.

If possible I suggest upgrading to at least 4.0 GB of memory.

At the moment with your current specs create a bootable usb and try this Linux distro.


Go to page 10 of the link below and have a look at the how to section Installation.

Download links.

Choose Original Releases 386 (32 bit) because of your limit of 2048MB of memory.
...And I think that processor supports up to 32Gb of RAM...
Original question -- as is, antiX; after RAM upgrade -- anyone you want!

OP -- don't be put off by curmudgeons here -- I myself may prove to be so inclined from time to time!
So let my reply :
WHAT do you want ?
What is necessary?
With the answer to this questions you can find a distribution which is the best for you , OR ask a search engine. So I found Porteus LINUX for my nice little old dell laptop, with ONLY 800 Mhz and 256 MB of main memory. Now I will install and test this one. . .
I hope this helps you a bit ❤


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Haven't heard that in awhile. :p:D

I'm only in my thirty's. :D
@Nelson Muntz -- then the definition exempts you!

" curmudgeons" " ass burgers" looks like an urban dictionary could be one of my xmas presents after all
It sounds like they hurt when being expelled from the body! (But that may be a curmudgeonly commment!)

Urban Dictionary says, "a common mispelling (sic) of asbergergers" -- probably more 'suitable' in this instance, as in a wizard's suit (you know, with stars on it signifying the pain).
@wieselflink --

OP, lehuyducanh (there's more to the handle than meets the eye) most likely will not reply.
Hello Duc Anh and welcome to linux.org :)

For the benefit of other Members providing input so far, Duc Anh Le Huy is from Vietnam if I am correct, and so likely his first language is not English, further, we do not know how readily he can get a hold of more RAM, nor what expenses are involved.

So go easy on the New Member, and keep all the wisecracking to a bare minimum, please. And speak clearly without jargon or lingo.

Duc Anh, your best option is to do a bit of reading, and then to try them from a USB stick.

Here are 3 sites, all current/up-to-date which may assist.

Obviously you may wish to exclude any mentioned that are among those you have tried.




Good luck

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