what LaTeX editor do you use?


Dec 30, 2021
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i should write a longer Text, and would like (should) do it with LaTeX.
What do you suggest to use?

have a nice day

well my go to text editor is geany, it has a latex plugin. But as to what output actually looked like i found it just as easy to convert Latex to html , using command line .That was when I was on Slackware and maintaining latex2html. I'm now on Arch
I haven't played with TeX in forever. The last time I did so, I was still fluent in EMacs. I want to say that it handled it without any plugins but man that was a long time ago.
Vim is my editor of choice. I use it for everything. I haven’t done any TeX stuff for many years, but I used to do it in vanilla vim, without any extra plugins and used a Makefile so I could run :make to build/preview the document.
Vim has built in TeX syntax-highlighting.
There are a number of plugins available that can help with your workflow when working on TeX documents in vim too.

Emacs is also great for TeX stuff. Like vim, Emacs can do pretty much everything. I haven't used emacs since getting problems with my hands, but the situation is very much the same as vim. It has built-in support for TeX and there are numerous plugins/extensions available that can aid your workflow.

I have used a few dedicated TeX editors/IDE’s in the past. Lyx, Kile and Texmaker are all really good. There are a number of others available, but I haven’t used them.
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thanks for all the feedbacks
now i try TeXstudio - with a lot of youtube videos ;-)

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