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What is GitHub Explain in Brief


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GitHub is a code hosting platform for collaboration and version control.

GitHub lets you (and others) work together on projects.

GitHub essentials are:

Pull Requests
Git (the version control software GitHub is built on)

Note:A a great way to learn GitHub, before working on larger projects, is to open pull requests in your own repository and merge them yourself.

After merging you can delete the branch by clicking a "Delete branch button".
For more Info: https://dlightdaily.blogspot.com/p/what-is-github-explained.html


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The main thing github is/does source code versioning/management/control.

You always have your source code "checked in" even if your local computer crashes and loses everything.

Everytime you make changes you can "check in" different version. If something breaks, you can go back and see what changes were made.


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GitHub is one of many platforms that you can use for your version control. Another competitor is an Atlassian tool called Bitbucket.

Both GitHub and BitBucket based around GIT. Check it out here --- > Git on Wikipedia

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