1. smooth_buddha

    How to save config files and settings to github, How is it done?

    Hey guys i have a github account and been customizing my Arch and Arco linux, but what im not sure of is how to back up my settings and configs, like which files i should back up. For a while ive kept installing and re-configing which is not efficient and eats up much time! Is it the .config...
  2. S

    fatal: unable to connect to

    HI, I am trying to run below command on ubuntu 14.04 terminal, but i am getting below error. command : repo init -u -b am57xx -m PD17.1.0.xml error: Downloading Repo source from fatal: unable to...
  3. K

    Linux Tux art pack

    Hi, guys! A couple of days ago, I created Tux art that may be actual to you before Christmas. Look Here It free for personal use, but I will grateful if you decide to support me. Happy Holidays!
  4. Linux BCKP

    I have a GitHub project for scripts for enabling kvm

    I am using Fedora, if you can use other Linux distributions to enable kvm, please help me. Enable or check aviliablity for kvm for better Android Studio VM perfomance on Fedora Usually I check reqs everyday.
  5. D

    What is GitHub Explain in Brief

    Brief what is GitHub ? Is it useful for linux dev ? What are the elements ?