Using My Old ASUS X205TA As A Pseudo-Chromebook


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May 16, 2017
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So I tried not using smileys in the question title like I usually do to help people when they search on the Interwebz..... :3 Anywho, if you look the specs up, you'll find that this Laptop is best used with either a BSD Distro, or some Linux Distro..... So I went with Xubuntu..... :3 I wanna use it with Google Drive like CloudReady by NeverWare does, but they don't seem to support this Wireless Card like the Ubuntu sdio Hack does..... :\ If all else fails, I could try looking into OwnCloud I guess..... :3 This ASUS just isn't built for heavy-duty Computing..... :( Also, me and Scotsgeek's Server has my local Police Department's sticker on it!..... :D I got it after they gave me water when I was close to passing out..... They offered, because they're awesome like that..... :3 I walked far, am on meds, and also am a red head with fair skin..... :( Anywho, it's good to be back..... :3

... and here I was thinking you had black hair :)

Welcome back, Adam


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